Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And The Double Standard Hypocrisy On The Left Continues

I had to chuckle when I heard that Senate Democrats were meeting in caucus to decide the fate of Senator Joe Lieberman. They would be deciding by "secret ballot" whether to strip Lieberman of his Committee chairmanship and leave him in political limbo-land.

It's interesting because no one apparently wanted to openly show Joe, and anyone else, whether they support him or not - after his enthusiastic support of John McCain. Do you think other Senators fear retribution, or some other coercive measures etc. as a result of how they might vote???

Well, so what about the hypocrisy?
How come these Senators want to keep their secrecy and anonymity - but want to force card-check voting legislation that would make it more difficult for workers to hold a private ballot vote in unionization drives???

Could it be that Senators in their vote regarding Lieberman were also afraid of the same kind of harassment and intimidation, that workers will have to look forward to in their workplace? (Sen. Barack Obama supports the card-check legislation..)

Interesting too is that Sen. Obama has "reached across the aisle" to join forces with Sen. McCain - so will "The Leader" now be taken to task as Lieberman has been because of this blatant bipartisan co-operation? No way.
Lieberman's colleagues in the Democratic caucus voted 42-13 Tuesday on a resolution condemning statements made by Lieberman during the campaign but allowing him to keep the Homeland Security Committee gavel. He loses an Environment and Public Works panel subcommittee chairmanship, however.
- and Joe has probably been told not to criticize the Democrats ever again. I wonder if they still allow him to kiss Republicans. It is amusing that the Senate Democrats punish someone for speaking his mind and challenging the status quo and even daring to go against his own party as a matter of conscience? Isn't that what Obama's "Change" is supposed to be all about?

"This is a beginning of a new chapter" - Joe Lieberman