Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chips In Your Credit Cards

I just received a new set of credit cards last week. They had the new Chase "Blink" chip in them. My husband and I promptly called Chase and asked for them to re-issue cards to me without a chip in them. They did.

You can actually see the indent of the chip above the Blink logo. I bent the card near it, and the card split open to reveal the tiny square chip and the little copper wire antennae. I wish I had taken a photo to show you, but alas I didn't.
I promptly cut up the cards with the chip in them and disposed of them.

So why am I so against these chips that are supposed to be so convenient? It's because I don't want Big Brother or anyone else in my grocery cart. I don't want my purchases tracked, and I don't want my information made available to anyone else who might have a portable reader about. Even Senate Banking Committee members denounced them.

Read the book SpyChips.. or check out CASPIAN.

So check your wallet ... if you have a chipped card and you don't want a chipped card, then call your credit card company and demand one without a chip.


Bob said...

While I agree with your actions, it is really too late. We have no privacy. Your purchases have been tracked for decades.

Those little loyalty cards your supermarket loves to give, have been tracking your every purchase. Case in point, years ago my mother was aghast that I did not have a StopNShop loyalty card, she gave me hers, the next visit to StopNShop I was given coupons for prunes and grape nuts.

There are incredible profiles built of you and me, what magazines we buy, what cars we drive all go in to divining what purchases we might buy next.

I'd be more worried about security with these wireless chips. What's to stop some very smart crook from figuring out the code from a portable reader? It will happen, I was one of those who got new cards courtesy of TJMAXX in the then largest breach of computer security known in the world.

But who knows, today our credit cars, tomorrow one in the neck.

Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays.

Judy Aron said...

Yes I know - but anything I can do to eliminate more chips in my life,and more tracking, like these Chase card chips - I will do.

mccommas said...

I would be fascinated to look at the data they have compiled on me. They say they don’t use it for that purpose but I don’t believe it.

They must look at my read up and say "this guy only buys cat food and Miricle Whip!".

I also think the cable companies might be spying on what we watch with those more sophisicated digital TV boxes you can order movies through. In a way I hope they figure out what is so annoying that we mute the TV so they can stop making annoying commercials that are ineffective.

Obviously I don’t do the shopping in my household.