Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chips In Your Credit Cards

I just received a new set of credit cards last week. They had the new Chase "Blink" chip in them. My husband and I promptly called Chase and asked for them to re-issue cards to me without a chip in them. They did.

You can actually see the indent of the chip above the Blink logo. I bent the card near it, and the card split open to reveal the tiny square chip and the little copper wire antennae. I wish I had taken a photo to show you, but alas I didn't.
I promptly cut up the cards with the chip in them and disposed of them.

So why am I so against these chips that are supposed to be so convenient? It's because I don't want Big Brother or anyone else in my grocery cart. I don't want my purchases tracked, and I don't want my information made available to anyone else who might have a portable reader about. Even Senate Banking Committee members denounced them.

Read the book SpyChips.. or check out CASPIAN.

So check your wallet ... if you have a chipped card and you don't want a chipped card, then call your credit card company and demand one without a chip.