Tuesday, November 25, 2008

End The Fed Rallies Ignored By The Media

In case you missed it, there were thousands of people rallying against the Federal Reserve this past Saturday 11/22/08. People protested at the offices of the Federal Reserve across the country in 39 locations from Boston to Philadelphia to Dallas to Salt Lake City and beyond. One would think that this might garner some media attention - at least a paragraph or two somewhere in the mainstream media. Nope. it was pretty much ignored. Some say that reporters and journalists don't understand the issue surrounding the "End The Fed" movement, and therefore they ignore it. I think that belief is correct but I also think that if reporters and journalists do understand it they want to repress it. Instead, they reported on Hillary's appointment and Citibank's impending bailout, and what private school the Obama's have chosen for their girls to attend.

Interestingly enough, the Russian media covered this story.

Here are two examples of what the rallies were about:

Ron Paul in Houston (the first one of a multiple set of videos of his speech)

and here is another: