Monday, November 17, 2008

Nutmegger Goes National

It's nice when one's efforts gets recognized and has a chance to "climb the ladder" so to speak.

Craig Powers, who blogs some very fine posts at "WoodstockTruth" was chosen by PurpleStates (based in New Haven) to be one of their "50 bloggers, 50 states in 50 days" to represent CT in discussions about the economy and other pressing national issues. Wow, it's great that at least one average person in CT gets a national voice ... Craig may very well be Woodstock's very own "Joe the Plumber"... LOL ... but I sure hope he doesn't have people scouring his trashcans.

Craig posted:
Over the last month or so, Truth has been picked up nationally by Reuters and the Chicago Sun Times and has been viewed hundreds of times through these outlets.
He was asked to provide some raw video of him answering some questions posed by them and some scenes of Woodstock. They took the video clips and edited them together and broadcast the piece on the website which will also be picked up by the New York Times and the Washington Post websites. Portions of the segments will also potentially appear on and

That's just terrific! and Consent of the Governed wishes him all the best in the national limelight.

Here's his video - I enjoyed listening to it and I too would just like the government to tell the truth.