Monday, November 10, 2008

Same Elected Officials - Different Day

Washington, DC

Hartford, CT

Hoist the pirate flag again.

So much for everyone grumbling about throwing out the incumbents. For all the griping about high taxes and bigger government, and how Congress passed a huge pork laden bailout bill costing the taxpayer billions - the American people both locally and nationally chose to re-elect the same people all over again - albeit with a few minor exceptions.

In Pennsylvania - even though Representative John Murtha (D - PA) who called his own constituents a bunch of racists got re-elected! Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens, a convicted felon got re-elected. Go figure!?? What are their constituents thinking?

Imagine a Congress which has had the lowest approval ratings - gets re-elected with a few more of the same party thrown in for good measure! Nancy Pelosi and her buddies in the majority did such a "fine job" in the past 18-20 months that they have been re-elected to continue raiding the treasury and expanding government.

It never ceases to amaze me; this phenomenon of re-electing people who are ineffective and/or career politicians, as if their experience is some sort of an asset over someone with new ideas and perhaps some integrity.

Even here in CT - the State legislature is somewhat unchanged, but with a few more Democrats thrown in. Publicly funded campaign finance didn't seem to help Republicans at all. Yet, folks who had a known history of unethical behavior, forgery, ineffectiveness and out and out bad behavior were re-elected to office. I suspect that some of these career politicians could have raped children and still gotten themselves re-elected!

In CT, voters sent back to Hartford all the folks that give them higher taxes, chase business out of state, chase young people out of state, and who have been ineffective in addressing property tax, binding arbitration reform, and eminent domain abuse (to name a few). So expect two more years of a "do-nothing" and/or social agenda driven sessions and more tax and spend policies.

What does that say about the voters? My only conclusion is that voters don't care about voting records or the results we have based on the policies these people have already put into place. They prefer to remain loyal to a party, or they vote locally based on national politics. Either that, or they are extremely uneducated when they fill in the bubble of their choice. But whatever the reason, that is democracy and representative government in action: we can't complain much since ultimately we get the government that we deserve based on "the consent of the governed"

It would appear that most people don't know that things don't change much if you keep doing the same thing over and over again.
What a pity.

And the beat goes on....