Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So Much For Change

As Barack Obama puts together his administration - we see that the only change going on is the swing back to Clintonian politics in the name of employing "experience", and he certainly is in a big rush to assume command and take possession. (Don't worry, I will also be glad to see Bush gone- I just wish Bush could have been replaced with someone who actually respects the Constitution- so let's leave it at that)

So far, "The Leader" has put these Clintonistas in some top slots:

Rahm Emanuel, former Bill Clinton aide - now Obama's chief of staff.
Eric Holder, top deputy to former Atty. Gen. Janet Reno - slated for Attorney General.
Hillary Clinton, former first lady and NY State Senator - tapped for Secretary of State
Lawrence Summers, former Treasury secretary for the final year and a half of President Clinton's administration - slated for Director of the National Economic Council (wow..wasn't he the one forced to resign from Harvard after saying women were inferior to men in the sciences?)
John Podesta, former Bill Clinton Chief of Staff - Overseeing Obama's transition

But wait, there's more... the senior staff and advisory board of Obama's transition team includes 10 former Clinton officials (and that includes former Commerce Secretary William Daley and Frederico Pena, who served as both secretary of transportation and energy) plus there are other advisors and staffers on track for power positions and ambassadorships.

Don't fret though - Obama is tossing in a few Centrists just to make it look good; you know like he is reaching across the aisle and making some real bi-partisan effort. (cough, cough)

The Bush - Clinton - Bush - Clinton dynastic rule is here for awhile. Unfortunately, the only change we are going to see is our change going to Washington DC in order to fund the "New New Deal" and the endless bailouts ... and even if his promised tax cuts come to pass, we will all be in for some pretty uncomfortable times because of the debt and credit house of cards they all built.

But really, if you look up the names of people on the Council on Foreign Relations all the names are the same as what we have had in not to worry, power really hasn't changed hands. (by the way, corporate members of CFR have recently received very tidy bailouts from our interesting)

Clinton administration - the folks that brought us: the Bosnian War, NAFTA, Waco, Ruby Ridge, the raid on Elian Gonzales, the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Whitewater, Vince Foster's Suicide, Sandy Berger's hiding archives in his underwear, and more...
not that the Bush administration was any better mind you.
One can only imagine what we have to look forward to with "The Leader" and his administration of "Change". Perhaps he can start the scandals off with his not being truthful about his past, and why certain documents have not yet been produced. Have you seen "The Leader's" college applications or his birth certificate? Nah, neither have I. (don't mind me I am just one of those looney right wingers who believes we ought to adhere to the Constitution - pay no attention to all those lawsuits pending in the courts demanding proof of Obama's natural born status... no wonder he is in such a hurry to assume power...)

Looks Like "The more things change, the more they stay the same".