Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama Natural Born Controversy Continues Despite Wrotnowski V. Bysiewicz Application Being Denied

The questions continue to mount - and even an AOL poll shows that the majority of Americans question Obama's natural born status, or at least think the questions have merit.

The Supreme Court is obviously unwilling to get to the truth, and have denied hearing cases. That is very troubling, but then again we have seen the court system deteriorate with rulings such as Kelo vs. New London.

The Wrotnowski V Bysiewicz case (Docket #08A469) was denied by SCOTUS on Dec. 15, but it isn't entirely dead.

Regarding Docket #08A469 -- The application for stay and/or injunction addressed to Justice Scalia and referred to the Court was denied. However, the Justices denied the "stay" but have retained the "certiorari". One must understand that Judicial review is allowed only after the Electoral College vote and Congressional Certification. The way the system works is that Obama is not technically President Elect until after the Electoral College "elects" him (no matter what his little placards say at the lectern when he speaks - there is no "office of the President Elect" either) and after that the Congress must approve the Election. It is time to contact your Congressman and express your concern over the issue of Obama's natural born status.

Demand that they, Congress, require Obama to unseal his birth document and prove himself to be natural born. How come no hospital in Hawaii has a record of his birth? Ask Congress why Obama has spent over $300,000 to fight to keep his birth certificate sealed! There are questions that need to be answered. Just because the majority of people voted for Obama does not automatically make him eligible to serve.

From ObamaFile:
Mechanisms exist under the Twelfth Amendment and 3 U.S.C. 15 for any challenge to any candidate to be ventilated when electoral votes are counted, and the Twentieth Amendment provides guidance regarding how to proceed if a president elect shall have failed to qualify.

Issues regarding qualifications or lack thereof can be laid before the voting public before the election and, once the election is over, can be raised as objections as the electoral votes are counted in Congress.

Therefore, this order holds that the challenge presented by plaintiff is committed under the Constitution to the electors and the legislative branch, at least in the first instance. Judicial review, if any, should occur only after the electoral and Congressional processes have run their course.

The federal government does not take official notice of the presidential election until the current Vice President opens the ballots on January 8th; the court is simply acting on this legal fact.
There are other lawsuits still pending and Philip Berg refiled his lawsuit with the Supreme Court as well.

Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Secretary of State, and CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal are obviously more interested in promoting party politics than protecting and upholding US Constitutional law. It's a disgrace, but not a surprise.

Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz put out this press release:
“The Supreme Court of the United States has appropriately decided not to intervene in a case with very little, if any legal merit. Clearly, President-elect Barack Obama is a born citizen of the United States over the age of 35 and won a majority of the votes on Election Day November 4, 2008. Therefore, he meets the constitutional requirements to serve as President of the United States. Following yesterday’s vote, President-elect Obama won 365 Electoral votes – plenty more than enough to be sworn in as our country’s 44th President. This legal challenge was based on erroneous information and was legitimately dismissed at the state level. I am relieved that the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court found no reason to question the view of our own jurists in Connecticut, who found that President elect Obama was eligible to become president and as such had every right to be on our state’s ballots and certified as the winner of Connecticut’s 7 Electoral votes.”
Ms. Bysiewicz and AG Blumenthal - have you actually seen Mr. Obama's vaulted and sealed copy of his birth certificate? My guess is NO. Can you be absolutely certain that Mr. Obama is natural born? My guess is NO. Ms. Bysiewicz has NOT done her job, and neither has our Attorney General. The legal challenges ARE NOT based on erroneous information at all. The facts surrounding Obama's birth are being hidden. Ms. Bysiewicz might also do well to ask why her office also registered Mr. Calero (Socialist Workers Party) as a registered and validated write-in candidate for president when he wasn't even born in this country! He was born in Nicaragua. Obviously her office didn't care and they do not even check to see if the person has qualifications when they register. In fact, a friend of mine ran for Congress in CT and no one ever asked to see his birth certificate (or any documents such as naturalization papers) to see if he was a citizen! Everyone just makes assumptions. The Secretary of State's office doesn't even require proof of citizenship when you register to vote, even though the law requires on be a citizen to register!

Our elected and appointed officials are clearly not doing their job, and are more concerned with partisan politics. Is there anyone serving who has integrity or who cares about the oath they took to uphold the Constitution? Obviously not.

Mark my words, this issue will not go away until there is transparency, and Obama's documents are produced. Chicago shady politics has come to Washington, and perhaps that is the Change America will all be subjected to. They will want us to show them our documents and abide by the laws - but they will all be above the law.

Mr. Obama walk the walk, or keep your Change.