Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama - A Real Man Of The People (NOT)

While everyone is suffering in this recessionary economy it is nice to know that Mr. Obama is helping someone's economy by buying his wife a diamond bauble as a "thank you gift" for her undying support.
Michelle Obama is to receive this £20,000 thank you from her husband for her support during the election.

The Harmony ring is made of rhodium - the world's most expensive metal --and encrusted with diamonds. It is being hastily made by Italian designer Giovanni Bosco in time for January's inauguration ceremony.

Only about 25 tons of rhodium are mined each year, mostly in South Africa, and as a result its price is typically around £5,000 an ounce.

It is a very select precious metal and because of its value and association with wealth, rhodium was chosen as the material for the disc presented to Beatle Paul McCartney for being history's all-time best-selling songwriter and recording artist.

Several luxury items such as the world's 'Most Expensive Pen' or 'Most Expensive Board Game' also contain rhodium while the Crown Jewels worn by the Queen are also rhodium plated.

Yeah, it looks like he isn't spreading his wealth around much, except to his wife. It's an ugly ring if you ask me.

Look for the sequel to his book entitled, "The Audacity of Elitism in a Crashing Economy".


Anonymous said...

You cant have it both ways Judy; you cannot on the one hand say that socialism and collective suffering is wrong and then castigate the odious Obama because he is not choosing to suffer with the masses.

Either people have property rights or they do not. They are either good for everyone or they are not. If Obama has the same rights as you do, then he has the right to buy whatever he can afford for whatever reason.

By all means, attack him, but do not attack him for spending his own money in the way that he wants, because this is a right that you and I both cherish. If we say that he is wrong for buying this rhodium bracelet and not suffering with the masses, we are implying that suffering with the masses is correct and that sour grapes socialist thinking is american. It is not.

Judy Aron said...

Hah! I knew I'd get that response.. whoever you are you took the bait!!

I honestly think that anyone should buy anything they want if they have the money for it - that being said my point really was more about his party being for "the downtrodden masses" and what a hypocritical bunch they all are.

I don't expect anyone "to suffer with the masses", but I do expect them not to keep them as downtrodden masses with the dependency on government that people like Obama create.

I do not agree with "spreading the wealth" either, and Obama would like to share your salary and mine, but obviously not his, with everyone else. I haven't seen not one shred of evidence that shows him to be any kind of philanthropist whatsoever.

Thanks for the comment.. I do hope Michelle enjoys that ugly ring and I also hope that Obama continues to help stimulate the economy with his own money..LOL

John said...

I must admit that I find your last comment confusing and contradictory. While you have made your distaste for our President Elect quite clear, I have trouble interpreting your critique, and the only way I can understand your perspective is from a viewpoint of fear and instinctive bias.

First: "I honestly think that anyone should buy anything they want if they have the money for it"

While certainly a broad statement, this does correspond to your free-market ideology, and in this vein I commend you for your intellectual honesty.

However, you suggest that someone can't buy an admittedly ostentatious gift for their partner, while remaining true to their commitment to serve America's left-behind socioeconomic groups. This, I might offer, is hard to swallow.

Just because the President Elect is, for better or for worse, a celebrity in this country with substantial means, does not mean it is solely up to him to restore economic equality by handing out wads of his own personal cash (would you have our nation's "down-trodden" dependent on the charity of individuals?)

As an aside, In 2006, the Obamas reported giving $60,307 to charity, or about 6% of their income -- a number that has been increasing as their family income has increased.

I certainly don't see how this extravagant purchase has anything to do with how "Obama would like to share your salary and mine, but obviously not his, with everyone else." Perhaps this is presumptuous of me, but I would assume that this ring was paid for with Obama's money AFTER TAXES (although, since you are apt to label me a Marxist by this point, perhaps we should regulate such luxury expenditures more thoroughly; have you any gifts that you could send along to Henry Paulson? I'm sure he could use the extra help these days...)

Finally, although I will not quote you directly here, I find your final comment to be petulant, sarcastic and representative of a snobbish elitism unto its own. Perhaps you should brush up on your empathy before you rush to judge and condemn what is, in reality, a most trivial matter.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.

Judy Aron said...

Oh John shall I clarify my point yet again?

I don't care what Obama spends - He could buy Michelle the Brooklyn Bridge for all I care.. but he is a hypocrite. And quite frankly I don't think that his expenditure at this time - and very publicly I might add - is something the public wants to see their leader do. It's an ostentatious display of behavior at a time when others are suffering. He can do it - fine. Should he do it? Perhaps. It just looks bad.

I don't expect him to hand out wads of cash nor do I expect anyone with money to do that either..but he sure does - he expects the rich to give more of their wealth to the state.

Your personal wealth is for yours to do with as you wish..
and yet here is a man who talks about distribution of wealth and helping the poor when he himself is an elitist who has family living in poverty.

I would suspect that one should do as one preaches and Mr. Obama clearly does not.

His personal wealth is his to do with as he wishes as is my personal wealth (or lack thereof) to so with as I so choose - only this guy wants to take away my wealth to give to others in order to accomplish his socio-economic goals. That's not fear John, that is his stated fact.

You find it hard to swallow that Obama's actions are somewhat hypocritical? OK. I am cool with that.

Yes - and why shouldn't our nations' downtrodden be dependent on private charity instead of the government? Maybe that would lessen dependency and get people to rely on themselves more.

And yes, I don't like Obama a bit.

Anonymous said...

"And yes, I don't like Obama a bit."

Oh really?

Given how hard you stretched in this post, and the level of cattiness, we could hardly tell.

The man used some of his earned wealth to buy the woman he loves, the mother of his children, an expensive gift to show his love and appreciation.
Your response says a lot more about you than it does about Obama. I'm glad our President isn't petty, mean-spirited and jealous.

John said...

Thank you anonymous. To find "hypocrisy" in an expression of love, no matter how materialistic, is cynical at best.


"His personal wealth is his to do with as he wishes as is my personal wealth (or lack thereof) to so with as I so choose [sic]- only this guy wants to take away my wealth to give to others in order to accomplish his socio-economic goals."

I have a hard time buying in to this class warfare concept when applied to Obama's stated policies on taxation: in this election Obama won the approval of those making over $200,000 by 8 points. It seems the group of Americans that will be targeted by tax increases are, on balance, OK with seeing more of their $$$ go to helping those who have not won the ovarian lottery in life. Although I would imagine that you are personally in favor of a flat tax, we have had a progressive income tax for some time now, and I would argue that it has served us well; Pres. Bush's assault on the progressive tax structure has no doubt contributed to the recent withering of our middle classes.


"Yes - and why shouldn't our nations' downtrodden be dependent on private charity instead of the government? Maybe that would lessen dependency and get people to rely on themselves more."

I'm very sorry, but this just makes no sense whatsoever... They should be dependent on private charity... to lessen their dependency? I suppose this makes sense if you condemn the notion of private charity. I guess I should stop donating to the Southern Poverty Law Center; those bastards have become way too complacent as they use my money to fight the KKK. Get a real job Morris Dees! stop relying on donations and fight bigotry on your own time!

Apologies in advance if this post came off as snarky, I just find the intense fear that is simmering in this country a touch laughable.

Judy Aron said...

John and anonymous...

Ah.. the Obama love fest continues.

"The Leader" can do no wrong.

Keep repeating that.

As for being bitter.. yeah you can say I am bitter that our leaders - both Republican AND Democrat have screwed our country so badly that we are really in a big mess financially and otherwise. If you think Obama and his third term "Clinton White House" is going to fix things, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn... unless Obama already bought that for his wife too.

You think that intense fear that our Republic is dying is laughable??? We have more control of business by government, and our freedoms are being stripped away everywhere from eminent domain to privacy rights to habeus corpus and now threats to posse comitatus. Our courts are corrupt. We have more unemployment. We have more dependency on government. Corrupt government officials like Dodd and Frank continuing to make policy, and a continued movement by the Fed and Washington to continue to destory our dollar and our economy. I guess you are ok with all that.

It is looking like more people will end up being dependent on government in the end.. even business has become dependent.

It doesn't look like Obama will change much of anything at all. He is already fixing to dole out more money and put us all further in debt. Keep printing up that money - and never mind what that rhodium ring costs now.. we'll all be "millionaires" in due time.

But hey - Obama is such a nice guy buying expensive gifts for his wife - you can continue to love him and this ostentatious display, but he is nothing more to me than a hypocrite and a fraud, and you know what? He also has every right to be.

Furthermore... Mr. Obama certainly can spend his money any way he likes...but an ostentatious display like this from a leader who has just been elected to a country that is struggling financially is reminiscent of other leaders and even dictators who live very well while their own people starve in the streets.

Many times just because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean you should.

I am not petty, mean-spirited or jealous - I am just annoyed at these politicians who act like they are the champions of the downtrodden when in fact they are nothing but elitists who make their fame from everyone else's misery. What exactly has Obama ever done to make YOUR life - or any Americans' life better? His "present votes" in the Senate have helped you a great deal now - have they? Name one piece of legislation that he has championed that has helped ANYONE.
Yet everyone extols this man like he is the Savior. It's plain nauseating.

You (and anyone else) don't have to agree with me - I don't expect you to, and I don't particularly care if you do or not.

Anonymous said...

wah wah wah.

What's really interesting is the glee with which you predict Obama will fail. It's almost as if you enjoy the idea that the "Republic is dying" and can't wait for us to go under.

I have no great love for Obama -- he's not half progressive enough for my taste -- but I do love that so many people do, and are excited and hopeful after eight years of living paralyzed under a cloud of fear and oppressiveness while pirates raped the world in the name of capitalism and free markets. It's like a breath of fresh air energizing not only Americans, but people all over the world.

Maybe that nauseates you. So be it. We're not going to get out of the mess we're in by arming grandmothers, hiding our money under the toilet and looking under rocks for conspiracies while moaning that the world is ending.

But feel free to do that if you need to, Judy. The rest of us will roll up our sleeves, do what needs doing, re-order the priorities of government and commerce -- and start to enjoy living in the greatest country on earth again. (And if that includes giving and getting gifts from our loved ones, according to our resources, let us be appreciative in the giving and the receiving and grateful for being able to do either or both. I suppose you can return any gifts you might get for another ration of bitters.)

Judy Aron said...

To prior poster "anonymous":

Spoken like a true "Progressive" (the new term for Socialist)

It's pretty funny actually that my disdain for Obama's ostentatious gift giving would rile you so. You even tried to make it like I am jelaous of his wealth or something - which is ludicrous. You might examine why whatever I have to say would bother you so much. Probably because you see the hypocrisy in Obama's actions yourself.

There's no glee, "anonymous". Obama will fail. He is dealing with a phony economy and a house of cards built by his own democrat party along with false Republicans/Conservatives. He is nothing more than a puppet and an empty suit. The Republic IS dying and folks like you are promoting the changes that will ultimately destroy it. They used an uninformed dumbed down public and a controlled media to get Obama into office. (Oh, yeah right... I forgot, I'm just some dopey bitter anti-government anti-government school naysayer and fear monger, so you can expect that kind of reaction out of me.)

The pirates that have raped this country etc., have the goal of globalism as their ideology (and they are both Republicans and Democrats), they have no desire for sovereignty or for the US to be as great as it once was, and apparently neither do you based on what you and they are advocating. Unfortunately your idea of reordering priorities to reform government and commerce is to move to a system that doesn't work and that kills creativity and stifles any innovation. It's chief aim is control. That's been the aim for the past 60 years or more.

Don't worry - you will be happy when the day comes when people like me are silenced for good, when all people are unarmed and compliant. After all, who needs dissenting voices? Shut them up, and shut them out. I might remind you that the dissenting voices were once sent to penal colonies in Australia and off "to the New World" - Sorry to tell you, but there is no where else to send people now, so you'll just have to figure out some other method of shutting us all up. Commenting on their blogs is not one of them, but you might look to past dictators to see how they handled it.

For your information, I already enjoy living in this country (and always have), the greatest on this Earth - one my father fought for so his descendants could live in the freedom he enjoyed - he'd be sick if he saw what is going on today in our government - he fought against the "Progressivism" you are advocating, and that is why I will be rolling up my sleeves as well... and I will fight to keep our freedoms and to stop government from being intrusive and stop folks like you, and like those in our past three or four administrations, from further destroying what we have here.

Mock me, curse me, belittle me, demonize me and call me names... but you are truly the one to be pitied, because you honestly do not understand what you are wishing for.

Enjoy your holidays, and consider yourself lucky if you get a lump of coal - you might do well to save it for later use.