Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bye Bye Bush - Hello Messiah

Our government is spending over $170 million dollars in hailing "the Messiah" to the presidency, and meanwhile people are losing their homes, their jobs and their retirements. What a very sad state of our Republic, but that's supposed to be forgotten because we now have a new president and we have to throw a really big party - the biggest ever.

I really see no "Hope and Change" as recycled Clintonistas pack the new Obama administration, and plans are in place to further put our country in enormously more debt with the planned giveaway of almost a trillion dollars in "stimulus". Our children and their children will be enslaved to pay off the type of debt this country continues to incur as it pillages the remaining wealth of it's citizens and continues down the road to hyper-inflation. So far, stimulus and bailout have not worked, and yet more of the same is on the way.

Today Obama will utter these words as he takes the oath of office with his hand on Lincoln's bible: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States", and he may even add, as others before him, "So help me God". Those words will be empty words since it is evident that many of his promises thus far do not jive with the deliberate limits of power that our Constitution places upon the presidency, and our government.

Then there is the lingering question of eligibility, and at least a dozen lawsuits against Mr. Obama who chooses not to release his records in order to make transparent his natural born status and other details of his citizenship and youth. Instead, people who are asking very basic questions are being ridiculed or ignored. For all of the imagery and pomp of this inauguration, we still do not know for certain if Barack Obama (or is it Barry Soetero) is truly eligible to serve as POTUS. I cannot dispute that the American people have spoken, but we can be honest and say that the majority of Americans voted based on what the media told them, or didn't tell them. But what the hell, the Constitution according to accounts of a quote by Mr. Bush "was just a damned piece of paper" (and so much for what it requires to be POTUS). As Jay Leno said, we might as well give the Iraqi's our Constitution since we aren't using it.

And now the Obama administration seeks to pick up many Bush Republicans, asking for their co-operation in the plans his administration has to offer. He is courting them and asking for them all "to pitch in to save America" to "give him a chance", and to further abandon free market principles and to "help him out". A whole new brand of "conservatives", dubbed "Obamacons" has been born, and their mission is to help Mr. Obama march us to his vision of America where we will all sing Kumbaya and share the wealth and continue government bailout of failing businesses - or bankrolling their corporate campaign donors.

Our Republican/Conservative president Bush abandoned free market principles and damaged this country in many profound ways. People will argue that we have not been attacked since 9/11 - yet we have left our borders porous with rampant crime as a result in the Southwest - terrorist cells are said to already be within our borders. We have witnessed a financial 9/11 which still shocks our country - and we have plunged further into debt only to implore our citizens to take on more credit and buy more stuff. We don't need terrorists attacking us - we've been attacked by our own Congress and leaders from both sides of the aisle who continue failed policies, both foreign and domestic.

Here is what the Bush presidency brought us:
(this list courtesy of a posting by Anthony Gregory at Campaign For Liberty):

• Two undeclared, unwinnable imperial wars, with hundreds of thousands of dead, including thousands of Americans, and many tens of thousands of Americans wounded, with the violence and occupations continuing to this day;

• Detention without trial or habeas corpus;

• A torture scandal and the institutionalization, from the top down, of "enhanced interrogation techniques" that offend basic standards of human decency;

• New precedents on "extraordinary renditioning," whereby U.S. intelligence and military agencies hand off detainees to foreign countries where they are interrogated in ways that even the U.S. at Guantanamo will not use;

• Warrantless wiretapping of the citizenry conducted by the military wing of the government;

• Spying on peaceful political activists and putting many names on no-fly lists;

• The modification of Posse Comitatus and insurrection law to empower the president to order the military and national guard to impose order on the domestic population;

• More signing statements than any president before;

• Credit expansion that helped bring on the greatest financial crisis in many years;

• The largest expansion of welfare spending since the Great Society, specifically in the area of prescription drugs;

• The biggest bailout ever, so far, with frightening moves toward economic fascism in the financial sector;

• A doubling of the deficit and debt;

• The nationalization of airline security and the introduction of the color-coded terror system;

• The Department of Homeland Security;

• Sarbanes-Oxley and other posturing corporate regulation that hurts small firms while doing nothing to improve the economy;

• Signing McCain-Feingold into law, despite knowing it violating the First Amendment;

• The further nationalization of education;

• The 21st century version of the "unitary executive," which concentrates ever more power into the presidency;

• Massive protectionism, secrecy, duplicity, socialism, corporatism, and growing reliance on police-state tactics;

• Terrible diplomatic blunders with North Korea, the Middle East and elsewhere;

• The failure to catch Osama bin Laden.
As for Osama bin Laden, he's most likely dead anyway (according to statements made by since assassinated Benezir Bhutto), but our government has to keep him alive in a cave in order to instill fear and compliance while eroding away our rights and freedoms.

Today's inauguration perhaps is really more about quenching some American guilt by installing a first black president into office. Hence all the imagery regarding Lincoln. Fine, I really don't have a problem with that, and honestly I couldn't care if he was purple with 3 eyes, however, if the emperors clothes can be seen for what they really are, what we will be ushering in is more welfare-warfare state politics.

It's true that we can change administrations with one giving up power to another without conflict, based on the "will of the people", but really when it comes down to it, the administrations will not be far from different. Government will continue to expand and be more intrusive. Private business will continue to be nationalized and taken on and controlled by government. Pork will be funded and Congress will continue to send out form letters to their constituents with meaningless replies to their concerns. We will eventually be taxed into poverty and reliance on an ever growing government.

This American will not be celebrating today, but instead reflecting on how far we have come from the Constitutional ideals given to us by our founders. They would be appalled to see what we have become and what we have lost along the way (despite the gains in civil rights and technology). We have become slaves to the similar despots and elites which they strove to free us from. We are overtaxed and mis-represented (if not outright ignored).

We should not expect government to give us health care, or jobs, or education or food or housing. That is not its purpose. Instead of thinking about what the government should give us, or do for us, let's think instead about what we can do to restore our Republic and take care of ourselves. Today I will pledge to support the Constitution and not some watered down perversion. I will be supporting the restoration of this Republic which offers its citizens sound money and the guarantee of their rights, as well as smaller government which truly answers to the people. If Mr. Obama truly takes his oath of office seriously today, he will be doing the same.

Justin Raimondo wrote a provocative piece entitled: Inauguration Day, 2009:A Day of Mourning, it's worth a read.