Thursday, January 22, 2009

Does This Recession Hurt Homeschoolers?

I have been giving some thought lately as to whether or not tough economic times hurts homeschooling. Aside from the obvious that a difficult economy effects every family by stressing their budget, I have been thinking about whether or not it forces families to abandon homeschooling so that both parents can work. I'd like your input.

I know that homeschooling families already make the financial commitment and sacrifice so that one parent can stay home to educate their children. That being said, there are also one parent families that homeschool quite successfully; they happen to be quite creative and extremely flexible with time.

Over the years I have observed that most Homeschooling families are also very frugal to begin with (my family included). They already figure out how to stretch a dollar so that one parent can stay home. They tend to live very simply and recycle learning materials. They get materials and books at swaps and tag sales and tend to know where to find all the bargains. They also make a lot of things at home like clothing, and foods like yogurt and bread etc. I personally know many homeschooling families that have farm animals and/or grow their own food. That can be a tremendous saving when you don't have to pay for things at the store - or at retail prices.

So I would be interested to know if you know of any homeschooling families who have had to send their kids to school in order for both parents to work as a result of this economic downturn. I'd also like to know what reductions you might have made in your own homeschooling family in order to deal with this economy and still be able to homeschool.

As for our family, I only have one left at home - and she's in her last year of "high school" and has just recently finished all of her college applications.(YAY) I've been thinking about what need to do to help pay for college. We've still had to cut back on our expenses in this economy.

So now - Comments please.