Sunday, January 25, 2009

Era Of Post-Racialism ? Surely You Jest

If you thought that electing a person of color to occupy the White House would put us all past racial prejudice in this country - think again. There are those in charge that wish to now discriminate against others - including white construction workers.

On top of it all, the federal government will choose to dictate how our tax money is spent...yes even the tax money of white construction workers. It will apparently now be o.k. for the federal government to exclude people from federal jobs based on race.

This is nothing more than creating more racial division in this country.

Post racialism my foot.
This is downright disgraceful, and Robert Reich should be ousted for his obvious racial bias and discrimination.
Was this the kind of "Change" people voted for?


skinh said...

Ugh! They are correct the middle class will go along with it because they are full of white guilt thanks to the public school indoctrination.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I voted that the Demoncrats "Keep the Change!"

But anyway, we see what will happen. Welfare for everyone but the white construction workers and the middle class. They will be working too hard paying for it all!

What total asses those two are!

Anonymous said...

I'm beyond disgusted, lets see if the statements were reversed and they had said "Black contruction workers" The the NAACP would already be setting up for a lawsuit on discrimination. This is reverse discrimination and is totally appalling. Here Obama said throughout his campaign he was going to be there for the middle class, seeing they are getting hit in every direction and that there was no room for discrimination etc., yet his own cabinet is saying these things. Wow, the things people promise to just get elected! What a total disgrace! People thought by voting this black president in that discrimination would be less, and that everyone would be fair, but instead you have this. God help us all!

Anonymous said...

Just told a friend last week it makes no sense to have a stimulus project to build bridges and hire construction workers and look to white collar professionals, office workers, some with two college degrees, who are out of work due 'to the economy' and market changes to start in doing road and bridge construction.

I just thought they were crazy to even think it. I never thought they would go so far as basically admit money for infrastructure that was supposed to be to help 'the unemployed due to the economy changes' was actually to get low income, unskilled labor, possibly welfare collectors to take blue collar construction jobs instead. Wow.

The racism element is disgusting.

The middle class funds everything then when they need help government really isn't there for them. Lovely.