Friday, January 16, 2009

Green Jobs - Shovel Ready Jobs - Union Payback

Ok - so let's just call this Obama job program what it really is - Union Payback.

All these so-called jobs that they say "will be created" to get this country going again are really union jobs in disguise. How? This is how:

Think of all these "green" jobs - like installing solar panels or other energy efficient machines and appliances... in order to install anything electrical you need an electrician. In order to install anything having to do with hot water or heating or air conditioning you need a plumber or other certified mechanic. The unions control many of those jobs. In order to do any of those jobs you need certifications and licenses and you need training too. Not any Joe Blow from Kokomo can do these jobs.

And what about all these so-called "shovel ready" jobs? You know the ones that usually go to bid to companies who deal in construction. Construction people are union people for the most part. You can't pour concrete or lay brick or do any landscaping in a government program without some kind of union people getting in the action. That's why the unions are so hot to have illegal aliens be able to join them. It increases their membership ranks and ultimately their power.

Gee whiz, even if the Obama administration doles out money to the States for these jobs it isn't going to help the thousands of executives and professionals who have lost their jobs in the financial debacle we have been going through. The people who are losing their jobs are also in retail, like cashiers and store personnel. Fixing the roadways and bridges will require licensed civil engineers and paving companies. Do you think some guy from Wall Street with an MBA is going to be pouring concrete? or some secretary is going to be installing solar panels?

Give me a break.
This jobs program is a joke.

The "shovel ready" jobs are even a waste. There will be programs in there that we don't really need to do. In fact, it's already being reported that these projects will bypass public hearings and be fast tracked to be built whether the public wants it, or needs it, or not. Not exactly a great use of resources.

If the Obama administration wants to get people working, it can give some help to small business in the form of getting rid of the myriad of permits and restrictions small businesses have to deal with. For instance, it takes somewhere along the lines of 17 permits just to open a hair salon in California. That kind of idiocy needs to stop.

Please know that I am not arguing against having jobs that move us more towards energy independence (if there is such a thing in this global economy) and I do believe that we need to develop green energy markets and bring energy innovation to the consumer. That is imperative. I think all that could be done with less government intervention and to allow businesses to develop that innovation without government getting in the way. We have to make it cost effective for businesses to develop wind, hydro, solar (etc) power products and to bring it to the public and to municipalities in an affordable manner. Government can help by not taxing these businesses as they do, and by easing restrictions regarding permits along with other government requirements. These businesses cannot be choked by union rules and wage demands either. That's the sort of thing that has killed the US car industry.

Yes, we need green jobs and improvements in infrastructure, but it is best done by private business, not by government. The purpose of government does not include being an employer (nor does it include being a business partner). Judging by how well they have done throwing our tax money at failed business in the financial markets, I have little hope for their other plans. Unfortunately, they continue to throw hundreds of billions of our federal resources into investing in businesses whose mis-management is obvious. We the People are stuck with poor performing investments. Congress might have gotten a better return by going to Foxwoods casino with the TARP money.

We can put people to work in this country by encouraging them to go into business for themselves instead of relying on government work programs that are wasteful and only reward certain sectors. We need to cultivate new and imaginative entrepreneurs instead of hiring people to dig holes and fill them back in.