Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's Not Mandatory - It's Only Required

Thought I'd share this one...

One commenter said this:
"Compulsory service is compulsory service; whether they're forcing you into the army, or into a pseudo military organization, or sending you out to dig ditches for 'the common good' is irrelevant.

I am not a serf. I do not serve at Uncle Sam's leisure."
One would think that it is enough to support this country with our taxes - now Mr. Emanuel and Mr. Obama are looking to have our kids as well.

There are plenty of opportunities for our young adults aged 18-25 to serve and volunteer, locally and in many capacities, and many of them do (and even longer than 3 months). Why should the government mandate their service? The government already takes plenty from their paychecks.

Was this part of the "Change" people wanted?

Compulsory, Mandatory, Required... it's all the same.

Make no mistake - this is not the trappings of a free nation.

(H/T DailyPaul)


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

This is what happens when a free people cry: "Give us a king so that we can be like the other nations . . ."

Swylv said...

are people still gleeful about their vote? hmmm....

Anonymous said...

"are people still gleeful about their vote?"


Jeezers said...

That poll is asinine - Obama hasn't DONE ANYTHING yet.

Oh wait - he picked a Richardson to be his Commerce Secretary while being investigated for fraud.
Good call.

Obama is a fraud and the American people are idiots.

Jennifer said...

Eh, McCain would've been no better. In some ways, he would've been even worse; had he been elected, he would've taken that as a sign that America approves of all the vile, unconstitutional garbage of the last eight years: torture, extraordinary rendition, spying without warrants, etc.

Unless we can somehow figure out how to break the two-party stranglehold on the nation, things won't get noticeably better.

cttaxed said...

When will people wake up and remember that the vast majority of dictators are/were leftist.

The media likes to say, "Right Wing Dictator" or "Right Wing Strongman" but that is an anomaly.

Chavez, Hitler (oh yes he was!), Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Benito, Franco and who can forget Castro!

They may have had the business communities backing, capitalist's can sell out just as fast as anyone, but they were still lefties.

And all had a component of government service.

Mauston said...

Today we just hire the poor to murder our enemies and give corporations billions to develop technolody to allow us to drop bombs on innocents from 40,000 feet.

If we ALL truly had a stake in the national aggression that Bush has inflicted on the world (i.e. National Service) middle class families would stand up against violence and wars for oil rather than sitting idle letting those that have no other job options be the be mercenaries for hire.