Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Parody - Ben Send Me Some Green

That was "The Vocal Chords"
Ben Bernanke, send me some green
Then slash the interest like something obscene
Just drop it 2 points or even lower
And please don't say the leveraged party's over

Ben Bernanke, I need a loan
A discount window to call my own
Please hear me FOMC
Ben Bernanke send me some green!

Ben Bernanke, I'm in the red
Help me like you did, Fanny and Fred
Please make it quick, 'cause I'm in foreclosure
Send me more checks before I lose composure

Ben Bernanke, I need a loan
I'm broke and hurtin' right down to the bone
Please send me an income stream
Benny disinflate me my dream

(ching, ching, ching. etc)

Ben Bernanke, send us some green
Some insider welfare would be peachy keen
Just like you did for old JP Morgan
Some BS talk will get the market soarin'!

Ben Bernanke, hard assets to hold
Oh please, no catfood, when we're all too old
Please send in the PPT
Ben Bernanke, please send us
Please please send us
Please, please, send us some green!
(Bernanke: "Uh.. but.. uh...")