Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carnival Of Homeschooling - Stimulus Edition!

Welcome to the 165th edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling!

It's the "Stimulus Edition" because all of our posts are incredibly stimulating! (as is homeschooling in general). We won't be bailing anyone out, unless of course one of our contributions here help solve a problem that you are having. The subject matter shouldn't be too taxing either, so grab a cup of coffee (which can also be stimulating unless it's decaf), and sit back and enjoy the carnival. And because there is so much to be found here, you might just have to come back for more stimulus several times this week!

Note To The Reader: There will be no government intervention in this Carnival! All stimulus will come from our blogpost contributors and your reactions should be your own!

So let us begin with our first Stimulating topic:
Travel !

If you're considering a trip to an Arabic country, there are few guidelines and tips that you should follow says World Traveler in their post Basic Tips for Traveling in Arabic Countries which is found at Traveling The World.

Among the hottest tourist destinations in Spain is the island of Ibiza. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea about 80 kilometers off the Spanish coast, it is one of the Balearic Islands. Erika from Spanish Country Travel shares with us The Island Of Ibiza

Links for Australia Project brought to you from Percival Blakeney Academy offers "a slew of great educational links" for anyone studying Australia.

Closer to home, we are shown the true merits of Illinois presented by Susan Ryan's piece My Illinois over at Corn and Oil. (Bravo! and thanks for showing that there is a nicer side of the state of Illinois after all!)

Drive through any campground and you'll quickly see that camping equipment runs the gamut from $20 pup tents to $400,000 motor homes, complete with satellite TVs and Astroturf. Smart Camper gives us a tour of RV versus Tent Camping posted at Go Camping - Life's An Adventure.

In these hard economic times everyone can prosper from Finding Free Stuff on the Internet, so we hope that this topic also gets you financially Stimulated!

Sarah Scrafford shares with us 100 Free and Useful Open Courseware Classes for Web Workers over at Learn-gasm.

Verna Morris presents Web Design.edu: Top 50 Free Open Courseware Classes to Design Better Web Sites posted at Designer City, USA.

Kids for Saving Earth is an environmental education site that offers great curriculum for teachers, mentors, and parents to teach kids more about protecting the earth. Free Membership From Kids for Saving Earth can be found at Eco Child's Play.

Our Homeschooling parents present some Stimulating Thoughts which give us all pause to read and reflect.

Steering the Ship is a post which shows us how a parent uses metaphors to explore the homeschooling journey and discovers that a good metaphor helps you ask more questions. Am I the captain or the wind? Is yoga in Jello worthwhile? Does it all come down to asking questions rather than finding answers? That's offered to us by Handmade Homeschool

Crimson Wife examines whether the educational philosophy she formulated nearly 2 years ago still holds true with her article entitled Re-visiting My Educational Philosophy posted at Bending the Twigs. (by the way.. please do go and wish Crimson Wife a happy 2 year blogaversary!)

Dave Roller says, "Let's face it our kid's are often our biggest fans. We should take advantage of their support as we teach them". Read more here at I knew you knew it! posted at Home School Dad.

Petticoat Government says, "Without the prospect of relentless peer pressure to "help" my children know what to think about clothes, I need to decide for myself where on the spectrum of appearance consciousness our homeschooling family will fall". There's lots to contemplate in this interesting post entitled Clothes and the Homeschooler.

Countdown to College would like to commend teens who take the initiative to seize the day in business and public service. Read Kim Anderson's article, Carpe Diem Cadre Recognizes Extraordinary Teens to find out why teen initiative is so critical and to nominate an extraordinary teen in your life.

Homeschoolers can be grouped into two categories; and this carnival entry asks What Kind of Homeschooler Are You? by Barbara Frank Online

Janine from Why Homeschool shares her thoughts about the debate on homeschooling with this blogpost: Debate on Homeschooling

And every so often we have a Stimulating Concern:

Nofighting, no biting! writes about the new guidelines about the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act, and how children's books published prior to 1986 are now banned from sale. It would be an understatement to say that this affects homeschoolers greatly. Read more at the post entitled: bye bye classic books

Homeschoolers, especially those pondering unschooling, often worry about gaps or 'holes' in their children's education if they don't follow a strict and comprehensive curriculum from the beginning. In this post over at Mother By Nature they discuss why it's really nothing to worry about and it is called Thoughts on Unschooling and "Holes"

Belle of Homesteaderbelle's Blog shows concern for the Earth with the suggestion of Earth Hour - Turn out your lights for one hour.

This post entitled The Socialization Question finds that if you decide to home school, you'll soon discover that everyone is concerned about the socialization of your children..But in all honesty, the socialization issue convinced the author to home school. Read more at The Life Without School Community Blog.

Hall Monitor asks, "Ever wonder how far public schools will take it?" with this post which claims that Schools are no longer nitpicky about head lice posted at DetentionSlip.org. (Head Lice: Ewww...)

What can be more exciting than a Stimulating Education?
Homeschoolers really know how to deliver that!

This opener to a nine-part series on The Constitution which was prepared for the blogger's own three homeschooled kids is full of hyperlinks to various parts of the Constitution and should promote a lot of student-teacher discussion. The author wanted to share it with other homeschoolers, as the material can easily be used for a quarter’s credit in Government. The last installment of the series will be completed on the first week of March, along with a Q&A companion key for the parent to use. Read it here at Prose Politics and Piety in the post entitled: Getting a Constitutional Education.

"I have been teaching science from a historical perspective. In this summary I cover the two main ideas of what the Ancient Greeks believed made up the world around us.", says Kim as she shares with all of us Science Course which can be found over at Kim's Play Place.

It's never to early to begin teaching your kids money management skills. Kids as young as six can be taught to do this using simple bookkeeping techniques. Best of all, kids really love it! Len Penzo presents Using a Ledger to Teach Kids Money Management on the blog Len Penzo . Com.

Tracey shares with us all sorts of links to assist in Learning about Money posted at "Glue on her fingers, dirt on her toes, she makes laughter wherever she goes" - Homeschool Blogger.

Let's Play Math presents a collection of tips, tidbits, games, and activities for students and teachers of preK-12 mathematics in the post entitled Math Teachers at Play #1

Misty says, "We encourage our kids to write all the time, (just not on the walls). Enjoy these great online handwriting resources!" on her blogpost We only write on PAPER! . . . and other tips for Homeschool Handwriting Practice. found at Homeschool Bytes.

You can succeed with an online degree - Khan tells us how with The Right Online Learning Program over at Higher Education and Career Blog.

And now for some Stimulating Advice:

How to have a sick day comes to us from Two Kid Schoolhouse and advises us about some of the ways we can have "school" when someone is sick.

~Kris~ shares with us some sage advice in her Book Review: Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe which is posted at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Dolfin tells us about how they are doing preschool with a post entitled Learning at the Landing which can be found over at Lionden Landing.

The Thinking Mother discusses overabundance of books and learning materials, decluttering, and of homeschooling plans not realized, in the post Books Owned Reveal Past Plans Unfulfilled - there is some good advice in that one!

Colored pencils make up one of the basic cornerstones of any fine arts curriculum says Annette Berlin from Craft Stew in her post Colored Pencil Tutorials .

Cristina gives us some field trip advice in Home Spun comic strip #323 over at Home Spun Juggling. Timing is everything!

And well, the subject of Taxes is not usually exciting or Stimulating - unless of course you figure out if you can get some extra money back in your pocket.

Carol Topp, CPA tries to answer the questions,"Do homeschoolers get any tax breaks for their homeschooling expenses? Can a homeschool family deduct any of their homeschool expenses?" in her blog post entitled, Any Tax Breaks for Homeschoolers? which can be found at HomeschoolCPA's Blog.

More than Stimulating; this is one explosive post!

The Family explains how to make your own "fireworks" when the temperatures plunge sub zero with Once Upon a Family: Winter Fireworks posted at Once Upon a Family.

Homeschooling Inspiration
: Now That's a Stimulating

If your feeling discouraged and defeated in your homeschooling efforts, Spunky's words of inspiration will encourage you to keep on keepin' on all the way to the top of the mountain! Climbing Mt. Homeschooling could very well get you out of any homeschool recession/depression!

I truly hope that you have enjoyed this Homeschool Carnival.
I think it turned out to be just one huge Stimulus Package for us all!
Now go out and Spend This Information wisely!
You too can help the yourself and the world prosper with all the wonderful posts that were submitted.

Best of all there are no strings attached! (and Fat Free too - No Pork!)


Kim Anderson said...

Gotta love your political satire! A guilt-free stimulus package. What a concept! Thanks for your creative work this week for all of us!

jugglingpaynes said...

I love the theme! Thanks for putting this all together!

Mary said...

Hi Judy,
My post that I submitted isn't listed, probably got lost in cyberspace. I'll resubmit it for next week's carnival. Do you know who is doing it? Perhaps I need to submit directly and not use the form at Blog Carnival?


Judy Aron said...

Sorry Mary - all the posts that I received are listed.. I don't know what happened. You should be able to use the submit form as I received most of the entries via that facility. I look forward to seeing your post in next weeks carnival.

Marbel said...

This is great. Thanks for hosting!

Len Penzo said...


Great job! I love the theme! Thank you for hosting. :-)

Len Penzo

Alasandra said...

Thanks for a stimulating carnival. ~Alasandra

Hall Monitor said...

Very detailed. Well done.

phoenix said...

Thank you so much for the homeschooling carnival. I’m proud to be a part of it. So much to say...So much to read… so much to absorb! Great Carnival! Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Now, back to the techy links.

Barbara Frank said...

Hehe, timely theme and very well done. Around here, we call the latest government effort Porkulus, because pork is all there is in it!

PS We're proud that our long-time congressman from IL (where we used to live) is Don Manzullo, the homeschool dad who has voted against all of the bailout bills! If only we had more like him....

Thanks for including my post in the carnival.

Patriot said...

LOVE your blog!! Thank you for taking a firm stand. There are many of us standing with you.