Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chicago Tea Parties Being Planned Across The Country

The Chicago Tea Party of 2009 will reinvigorate that American and Patriotic spirit; one that demands respect for individual rights and property. As the bailouts spiral out of control, we are forced to fund failed banks. With foreclosures on the rise, we are made the collateral of reckless spending. And, when the bills come due, the IRS knocks on the door of self-responsibility. - Chicago Tea Party Website
Rick Santelli tapped into welled up anger and frustration of the American taxpaying public.

His suggestion of a Chicago Tea Party regarding the Obama Stimulus plan and mortgage bailout plan has caught on like wildfire. He mentioned a Tea Party for July. Other people want something sooner.

There will be Nationwide simultaneous demonstrations in protest of Stimulus Bill. Event begins in Washington D.C. at 12:00 pm EST where protesters will be throwing the shredded Bill into the Potomac.

It looks like there will be a demonstration in Hartford and it will be at the State Capitol - February 27, 2009 from 12pm to 1pm (Meet Supreme Court - 11:45 AM, front steps)

Read where there will be a tea party event near you!

Read more about Santelli on the CNBC page about the Shout Heard Round the World.