Sunday, February 8, 2009

GARDASIL - HPV Vaccine In The News Again - Parents Beware

CBS News reports that, "There are new concerns about Gardasil, the vaccine that prevents a virus that caused cervical cancer. It's approved for girls as young as nine. And five million have received it since it was approved two years ago. The FDA and its maker insist it's safe. But CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson has exclusive information on some very serious side effects."

I blogged about this previously.

Please recall that people thought Thalidomide was great too. We all know that just because the FDA blesses a drug that it doesn’t make it safe or effective. Many Americans are suffering or have died as a result of Vioxx and other drugs we have heard reported in the news. Lawsuits continue to flood the courts over them. Can our government and the FDA assure us that this new vaccine is completely safe? Side effects have been reported, but do we understand what they are? I believe that there has been an alarming lack of research on this vaccine and we have not heard anything about the long term effects such as infertility, or whether this vaccine can cause birth defects or disrupt the auto-immune system. The FDA only just approved this vaccine in June, 2006. The duration of this vaccine had only been followed for about 4 years before it's approval, and it has only been followed on women, ages 16-26.

Read the National Vaccine Information Center report on adverse reactions. The numbers will amaze you.

What's even worse is that poor minority children have been receiving this through Medicaid (like a bunch of guinea pigs).

Parents should be making an informed choice especially with so many adverse reactions - including death - as a result of this vaccine. I know my daughter won't be going anywhere near this vaccine as long as I have a say.

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silvermine said...

I do love your blog, but I feel I need to make a few corrections here.

The FDA did not approve Thalidomide -- Europe did. In that case, the issue was that they tested one type of molecule and then (to save money) sold a mixture of mirror-image molecules. Unfortunately, the mirror image for was deadly to the developing babies. But it was never approved in the USA.

As for Vioxx and other recent recalls, they are very overblown. Most drugs on the market today would not be approved under the rules used now. Like tylenol, advil or aspirin. Many spices would be illegal, if it weren't for the gransfathering laws. (Seriously -- nutmeg is a hallucinogen, pepper is toxic in large doses).

There are drugs that are riskier than others (in Vioxx's case it was incredibly minor, really), but I believe people and doctors should have the *freedom* to choose them if it is best in their case. Perhaps the safer drug has an interaction with another drug they take, is ineffective, or they are allergic to it. They should have the right to choose a different drug that is appropriate to their case.

That said, I do not in any way think this should be a required vaccine, especially for a 9 year old. (And that's from someone whose SIL actually had cervical cancer, most likely from HPV.) We know how the disease is transmitted. It is not something that can spread like an airborne virus.

Freedom from compulsion, freedom to choose from a multitude of reasonable drugs. :)

mrs dani said...

My daughter's doctor asked if I would be getting this. My answer was, "forget they have not even proved it EFFECTIVE for this age group (it has only been somewhat effective for the older group of women it was given to) It has not even been proven SAFE for young girls. No thank you!"

And I have to say, I am very bothered by the fact that the company pushing this through the states to have it required for girls is the ONLY one making it and is going to make a huge profit. Not that making a profit is bad, it just bothers me.