Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Girl Passed!

Yes, CT now has another driver on the roadways!

She took her road test this morning in Winsted and passed with flying colors.

We are all thrilled at this wonderful milestone.
Dear daughter can't stop looking at her new license, and her picture is pretty decent too!

Now she can drive herself to wherever (as long as she pays for the gas and her portion of the insurance)

Ah, independence.
It's a sweet thing.
Just like the girl!


Terry said...

I am still waiting on that day. My son is 17 and "says" he wants to get his license but everytime I ask him if he wants to go practice driving, he says no. (sigh) I envy you and your sudden "freedom".


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Ah yes, I remember the day when my son got his.

It was so nice, no more driving him here and there like an underpaid taxi driver.

Nope - we could finally just sit quietly at home....and wait for the police to call......

Sheri said...

You have been given the Lemonade award!