Friday, February 27, 2009

Some Feb 27 2008 Hartford Tea Party Photos

We must have had about 200 people attend today's event.
Lots of signs, chants and honking horns.
Not bad after only 3 days notice for this gathering.
I am certain there will be more of these protests to come.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Debt!

Protesters stretched all along Capitol Avenue between the Supreme Court Building and the State House.

More pictures here in Jim Vicevich's gallery

Thanks to everyone who came and made their voices heard today!

More Tea Parties are here and here.

AP News reported on it here in the LA Times.


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

I'm not all that interested in taking time off for a peaceful protest - on the other hand, when we get to the armed insurection stage let me know I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Anonymous said...

I thank the people who could make it to a Noon 'tea party'.
I, and the other 5 of my family , would have been there but we can't get the time off work. There has to be some Sunday rallies for most working people to be able to attend.

Bruce said...

You organizers need to get the word out better-I didn't even know about it until it was past-would have loved to attend.

Judy Aron said...

Bruce - it was done very last minute - I only found out about it 3 days before the event.
Rest assured more notice will be for the next one.
Let me know your email and I can keep you informed.

Anonymous said...

We here in the Northeast corner of Connecticut would have loved to join you if only we had known about it.

Bob Regis said...

I am so happy "taxdayteaparty" is starting up. I will attend any rally that is held in SW Florida. I understand there is a group in Boston that wants to actually plan for a tax revolt against the US Government and another group in Texas that wants to plan for a national "one day strike" in protest of our federal government.
The protest written about a lot on the various BLOGS and news comments is the group that's planning a "10 million man/woman march" on Washington, DC this summer. All these ideas are wonderful and gives hope that we can take our country back away from our own evil government.

CT patriot said...

Authentic Connecticut Republican:

I hope your comment is in jest. This proud American patriot would see what you are calling for as treason, plain and simple.

Tommy J said...

Treason? No sir.. what is treasonous is what this President and his Congress are doing..

Anonymous said...

I can't make the 4/15 tea party due to a job conflict. But here's another idea: how about a reading of the US Constitution in a public venue on July 4th? I wonder if the that would also be considred treasonous?

Anonymous said...

Its a lot easier to hear about these types of protests when they dont go against the left-wing media's agenda... just something to think about