Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Message From Michael Steele

The new Republican National Committee chair.

Perhaps the Post-Bush Republican party has gotten a little sense smacked into them. Too bad they spent like drunken sailors themselves in the past 8 years.

Yes, Americans should keep more of what they earn! Now, that's a message I can agree with.

Any Senator voting for this pork laden spending bill will be contributing to the further demise of our economy. There is just too much in this spending package that will do nothing to stimulate the economy. Most of this bill will have absolutely NO effect until after 2010. Supporting this legislation is complete insanity.

Senator Snowe, Senator Specter and Senator Collins may want to look "bi-partisan", and go along with all the other Reid Senate Democrats but in the end they are going to be doing more harm than good. Shame on them all.

The debt created by this spending bill will haunt our children and their children's children.