Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mississippi Passes Legislation Protecting Gun Owners

Mississippi lawmakers recently passed legislation to protect Mississippi residents during any event of martial law. On the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi website, Phil Bryant announced the passage of SB 2036. The website says: “SB 2036 restricts the power of a peace officer to confiscate firearms and ammunitions in an emergency or during a time of martial law”.

Mississippi State Senator Merle Flowers wrote and introduced this legislation and nine others c0-authored the bill. It passed the Senate on February 4 by a unanimous vote and amends Section 33-7-303 of Mississippi Code of 1972 to “explicitly restrict the power to confiscate firearms and ammunitions in an emergency.”

The NRA said this on their website:
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Mississippi Legislature amended the state’s firearms preemption law to prevent cities and counties from interfering with the lawful transportation and possession of firearms in one's home, vehicle, or place of business during a state of emergency or natural disaster. Senate Bill 2036, would further amend the state's emergency powers laws to create additional Second Amendment protections for law-abiding citizens during a future crisis.

I suppose they just didn't want something like this to happen in their state: