Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama - The "Anti-War" President

Yes kids - More Obama Campaign promises vanish into thin air.

I laughed my butt off to see the anti-war protesters in my Town's Center this past weekend - you know the very same ones who prior to January 20, 2009 carried signs with all sorts of anti-Bush slogans and placards reading "Brahms not Bombs" and "War is not the Answer" (yada-yada-yada) ... now they carry the same anti-war signs but as of yet no anti-Obama slogans even though he has assumed the role of Commander in Chief. (don't worry that will come soon too)

They must just love our new "anti-war president".

Obama is sending 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan.
The White House said the new commander in chief would send a Marine unit and one additional Army brigade to Afghanistan this spring and summer. About 8,000 Marines are expected to go first, followed by an Army brigade, totaling about 4,000 troops, and 5,000 support forces. The United States has slightly more than 30,000 troops in the country now.

The new troops going to Afghanistan represent the first installment on a larger influx of U.S. forces widely expected this year.
This was the Liberal darling who promised to bring the troops out of Iraq... little did the anti-war folks who supported Mr. Obama know that what he really meant was he would send them somewhere else! Like Afghanistan or Pakistan.

But then again - he can't bring the troops home - there is NO employment for them here at home. Maybe that is why he is keeping them deployed.