Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oklahoma! Passes 10th Amendment Resolution In The House

Reported by The Right Side of Life:
OK 10th Amendment Resolution Passes State House 83-13

The R3publican blog is reporting this evening that Rep. Charles Key’s HJR1003 has passed Oklahoma’s State House by a large majority:

Oklahoma Sovereignty 10th Amendment Resolution HJR 1003 passes in house today!

OK is setting a trend for the nation!

Vote 83Y 13N

Way to go team! Thanks for being there in person today and in spirit as well. It was a great encouragement to all!

Please follow our Champion of the Constitution State Representative Charles Key on twitter @ckey ; he follows back most followers promptly. He is a true servant leader with a heart for the people and what is right. He also has a facebook page where you can be a fan and get updates there.

I blogged about this before.

Gee, maybe this is setting a trend.. There will be a huge rally in New Hampshire for their similar legislation in early March. Other states are following suit.