Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bank Of America Wants To Lend ME My Money!

And you thought Bernie Madoff's business was the scam of the century!

Bank of America is taking MY bailout tax dollars and is turning around and wanting to lend my money back to me at 8.99% APR! (and it can go up to 24.99%)

Incredible isn't it?

This is what is so incredibly wrong with this whole mess.
This is why tax dollars should not be used to fund these companies.

Shouldn't they be using the bailout money to settle debts that can't be paid?
Is anyone checking to see where these companies are with settling their toxic debt?

Here they are doling out more consumer credit! We the American people, are already up to our ears and eyeballs in debt. This mountain of debt that we have created in order to consume is eventually going to kill this economy. Yes I know that bank of America, et. al., are in the business of lending money, but gee whiz - sending out solicitations like this? It's like pouring gasoline on the fire.

That these companies take OUR tax dollars and lend them back to us for 8.99% is absolutely the icing on the cake!

To say I am annoyed is an understatement.

I tried to call Bank of America media relations at 302-456-8588 (they weren't taking calls) and then I located another number to call that directed me to two other numbers to call that were not working.
I finally found someone in Human Resources who promised someone would call me back.
So far - no response.