Sunday, March 29, 2009

Campaign For Liberty

We have seen already that the Founders would be on some sort of terrorist watch list today.
That is disturbing.

(Thankfully a response has been prepared by the Liberty movement)- talk about turning the tables....

Freedom and Liberty do not come from Hope and Change.
We have God given rights, and our government under the US Constitution is supposed to protect those rights and not restrict them for government's own purposes. We are seeing laws and executive orders being enacted every day that restrict our freedoms, assault our rights and meddle in the way in which we can conduct business with one another. Our government is stealing our wealth through excessive taxation. Our government is instituting unconstitutional legislation. Their are numerous violations to the intentions of our Founders in the name of handling our financial "crisis". This cannot go on.

Fight back against tyranny.
Restore the Constitution and our Republic.

Campaign for Liberty - the time is now.