Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hey, Look At The Shiny Thing

Ah yes, the shiny thing.
It's a handy tool that the Obama administration is fond of using.
I use that tactic when I want to distract my cat away from something else.

The latest shiny thing for the Obama administration is the AIG bonuses.
$165 million dollars.
What an outrage!
Oh really?

Two things.

One...The administration wrote legislation for the bank bailout bill that allowed for this to happen, and in fact the bailout bill had no accountability for how AIG, or any other of the "bailoutees", spent their money. While everyone is all obsessing over the $165 million in bonuses, they are not telling you how many billions of bank bailout money from AIG went to foreign banks in Britain, France and Germany - which of course does absolutely nothing to stimulate OUR economy. $55 billion dollars went to foreign banks and we are supposed to get all riled up over $165 million in AIG bonuses? Are they serious? At least that money has a better possibility of being spent here on new automobiles and yachts and fine restaurants.

But of course if you really look below the surface of all of this, ultimately "outraged" Congressmen and Senators like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are looking to be able to make legislation that would negate the contracts that AIG made with these executives, and our government already knew about those contracts before they gave AIG the money! They have been trying to negate mortgage contracts as well. Let's see, what does that do to our country if contracts are interfered with by government? You tell me.

So while we can be all upset about those "greedy AIG bonus recipients" and further the mission of the Obama administration's quest for class warfare, no one seems to mind that billions of taxpayer dollars have been funneled out of our country to foreign banks. But hey, beating up on the CEO of AIG in Congressional hearings today makes good theatre. Congressmen can look outraged and use all kinds of inflammatory rhetoric and even score points with their constituents by showing indignance and outrage. Oh please - what a farce. They shouldn't have given AIG the money in the first place. I really hope that the AIG Chief Executive, Edward Liddy, has a spine enough to tell those clowns in Congress that he was merely following the terms and rules that Congress handed him in the first place! But as good theatre goes, he'll most likely ask his employees to return their bonus money and everyone will be placated. No one will care about the billions that flew across the Atlantic.

You know it's almost like the folks who give money to the street bum so he can buy a decent meal and he blows it on booze or crack. The caring Samaritans get all upset and yet, they can be upset all they want but if they have no control over how the money is ultimately spent then they shouldn't whine about it, and they shouldn't give it out in the first place.

Second...The shiny thing is a really good diversion because while everyone is making such a big fuss over AIG bonuses, no one is really paying much attention over the rape of the American people with Obama's new budget proposals and his multi-trillion dollar budget deficits. As long as they can whip people up into a frenzy over a paltry $156 million, no one will notice the trillions being spent on a budget that grows government exponentially and puts our children and their children into incredible perpetual debt.

$165 million dollars is surely a lot of money - but really folks we need to keep our eyes focused on the larger shenanigans going on in Washington DC.

Don't be distracted by "the shiny thing", and please let's stop buying into the whole class warfare ideology that is being perpetrated by this manipulative administration.

We ought to be more outraged by the spending spree going on by Obama's Congress rather than directing our anger at $165 million being spent on AIG bonuses.

BTW - Glenn Beck was great regarding the AIG bonuses.

"Dodd is like the guy who steals your wallet and then helps you look for it" - MadOne


Anonymous said...

I can't believe all this talk of the AIG bonuses. I hadn't thought of it as a deterrent from the bigger issues.

I am even surprised that FoxNews is making a big deal of it. I feel they are being duped.

Look, government has no business getting involved in corporations. We knew they wanted to control the businesses. Yet they didn't take steps to make rules to run those businesses. They blindly dumped money in, wasting our money. Now they get mad about how it is spent. But before long they will get more money and more money.

They wanted to 'save jobs' and part of that is paying out the bonuses, giving the people their pay. Yet now government is mad at people getting their salaries?

I worry about too much government involvement in private business as they don't know how to run businesses, obviously.

Government should stay out of business. Period.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Excellent. Because that is exactly what Congress and this administration is doing. This whole farce started last year and all the pols are involved.
Now they think they can get away with throwing the AIG execs under the bus while distracting us from the fact that if they can create a retroactive tax on some people they don't like, then they can do it to us as well.

We shouldn't let them!
Have you sent your tea bag?
And that should be only the first step.

We need to let those weasels know who's boss!

Pro said...

Breaking News: Dodd Says loophole that protects AIG Bonuses added per request of the Obama administration. The video is about a fifth of the way down.

Obama should take full and direct responsibility for this mess.

silvermine said...

That's funny! I was just describing this to someone as a "shiny thing" used as a distraction.

Seriously -- people have their underwear in a wad over a few million? They totally just missed that the Fed and Treasury are inventing trillions out of thin air...