Monday, March 30, 2009

Homeschooling Works! The Girl is Off To College In The Fall

She has been homeschooled since birth.
Never even did preschool.

She's already got 15 credits of college under her belt and has been accepted by 3 of the 4 colleges that she applied to: Syracuse University, SUNY Oneonta and University of New Haven.

Why those schools?
They have the major she wanted.
Music Industry.

She's chosen University of New Haven, because they have a terrific program and she was awarded a really great scholarship from them too.

We went to accepted students day on Friday and she enrolled.

We are of course excited and proud, and this is bittersweet as she is the last out of the nest.
Meanwhile son number two is graduating from Wentworth Institute of Technology in August with a degree in Computer Networking and he already has a job offer.
Our oldest graduated from Boston University and is happily living and working in CT.

Yes, homeschooling works.