Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One World Currency - And You Thought I Was Crazy

"A global economy requires a global currency" - Paul Volcker, Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chair

So much for Conspiracy theories.
When does conspiracy theory become conspiracy fact?

From KAZAKH President Nursultan Nazarbayev to French President Sarkozy (back in 2008) to today's pronouncement by the Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan - many world leaders have had enough of playing follow the leader with American currency, especially as it is being beaten up by Congress and the Federal Reserve. Globalist Prime Minister of England Gordon Brown would also welcome a global currency.

World leaders are not oblivious to the monetization of our debt - since no one will buy our debt anymore we have to print up the money to pay ourselves (now there's a scheme!) They know what that spells - massive inflation of the American dollar. But I think that was the plan here. Destroy our currency and wealth and make people dependent on government so we can also usher in Socialist policy, add in a touch of class warfare to galvanize the masses to accept Socialism as an added bonus. Then go for it worldwide and create a global currency too. You can still think I am crazy, but isn't that exactly what is going on here?

Holders of American debt are starting to get extremely concerned over the insane spending spree going on in Washington. And well they should be. However, the notion of a global currency is not something they just cooked up for the upcoming G20 summit. Oh no, (and here comes that conspiracy thingy again) it's been in the works for many many years. Discussions and forums about it have been held. (Here is one such example) Even President Bush the mentioned this New World Order and the conversation of globalism.

I told you currency is even already being designed. The world bankers, which include member banks of the Federal Reserve and Bank of the European Union cannot wait to control the finances of the world together under one reserve currency. The Federal Reserve has done it on a smaller scale for the US, and now the International Monetary Fund is seeking to be the world's central banker; well at least the Chinese want it to be them.

What's crazy is that our elected leaders in Congress, are complicit and created this mess with their irresponsible behavior of passing legislation they haven't read, or agreeing to legislation after being bought off with earmarks and pork. They can still stop this if they act responsibly. Some have already been speaking about the destruction of the dollar and of the real possibility of America going bankrupt. Tea Parties are also growing in numbers as hardworking Americans are protesting this travesty.

Capitalism is not the culprit here - and neither is the free market. Both were misused, manipulated and abused and regulated by our government to bring us to this point. (Oh yeah, the market is up today - and this rally may last a while, but we will have to pay the piper at some point...it's coming baby)

Meanwhile, Turbo Tax Tim Geithner made it clear that he believes the US Treasury Secretary should be granted unprecedented power to take control of a major financial institution and run it. He wants new powers to regulate nonbank financial companies! The grab for power continues and what's worse it is done in a very shameless manner.

One global government under Socialist policies.. yeah it's possible. And that's the Hope and Change many voted for as the icing on the cake after the Bush Clinton Bush dynasty.