Friday, March 27, 2009

Overseas Contingency Operation

You gotta be kidding me..
and it's a phrase that doesn't even make any sense.

It's brought to you by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano...
And we aren't supposed to use the word "enemy combatant" anymore either.

Also "man caused disasters" is to be used instead of "terrorism".

Juggling with semantics and euphemisms, that is a well known tactic used to confuse people and to try to reframe the conversation. Just change the name on a failed project or policy, or change it to take on different ownership, or to make it sound more pleasant, or it can be just plain 1984-esque "double speak".

What a load of rubbish aimed to ameliorate the Jihadists, or whoever is our enemy of the week in the Middle East.

Mr. Obama and his administration can't really be serious.
Oh I see - that was also part of the Change part of Hope and Change (changing names)

I guess since we are changing monikers, "incompetent in the White House" has been changed to "Barack Obama" instead.