Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ridgefield Tea Party Draws A Huge Crowd

The Ridgefield Press Reported on it and so did News Times.

But here are some of my pictures...

Video that I took:

another Video with the whole song: "Take It Back"

The news reported that about 300 people gathered in Ridgefield, CT, to protest the enormous amount of money being spent by the Federal government - on pork spending bills and other wasteful legislation.

Some critics argue and say, where were these people when President Bush was spending gobs of taxpayer money? Well, perhaps this response is not about approval of Bush's policies, but it is more about what the American people are starting to learn - and maybe all of this current insane government spending is the straw that broke the camel's back.

People are waking up!
They are beginning to read and learn about how the Federal Reserve works, how we have been hoodwinked and lied to. The truth is that the Obama administration and Congress, is spending way more than the Bush administration, and they are also implementing Socialist policies. The Obama administration is monetizing the debt and looking to "spread the wealth" in a way that makes hard working taxpayers pay for others to get a free ride - including illegal aliens! The American people are beginning to see what has been going on and they are finding out more and they are not happy especially as their rights are being assaulted!

The American Tea Party movement is a response to out of control government spending and unconstitutional legislation and actions by our government.

People are tired of yelling at the TV and now they want to act! They want their voices heard.
The movement is growing.