Friday, March 27, 2009

Tea Party Update

Connecticut - You Have A Voice!

More "Tea Parties" are planned in CT!

Stamford: Saturday, March 28th, 96 Broad Street (Starbucks/Library location), the corner of Broad and Bedford.
Email: mttaylor1959(at)

Norwich: Wednesday, April 15th, Time and Place TBA very SOON
Email: freenorwich(at) / jenmorezz(at)

New Haven: Wednesday, April 15th, Long Wharf 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Email: newhaventeaparty(at) / winningathome(at)

Hartford: Wednesday, April 15th, STAY TUNED….!
Email: Hartfordteaparty414(at) / mattjacksdesign(at) / hartfordteaparty(at)

Woodbury: Saturday, April 23th, Time and Place TBA

Clinton: Saturday, May 9th Time and Place TBA
Email: pfmdresources(at)

If you are outraged at the level of government deficit spending, the power grab of the Treasury Department, the loss of liberty and freedom, and the continued destruction of free market and private business in this country then come out and make your voice heard.