Sunday, March 22, 2009

Working Families Party Fueling Class Warfare

Poster from London, Soon To Be Seen In America?

I want to make one thing very clear -
The "AIG protesters" are NOT from, or part of, the Nationwide Tea Party Movement. (Read more about the nationwide tea party movement here and here)

The AIG protesters who are getting on buses and showing up at "lavish mansions" in CT to protest executive bonuses, are from the CT Working Families Party. My observation is that they hate rich people. They are steeped in envy and resentment.

They are Socialists, and they support the Unions like SEIU, and believe whole-heartedly in wealth re-distribution. They are very much Pro-Obama and his Socialist agenda. They are also joined by organizations like Code Pink.

They of course are "outraged" at the $218 million dollars that AIG is spending on bonuses.
-Never mind the trillions that our government is spending on pork and bailouts and placing into earmarks!
-Never mind that these clowns in Washington are passing Unconstitutional legislation!
-Never mind that Congress isn't even reading the bills that they pass!
-Never mind that the Feds are monetizing our debt (printing money out of thin air to pay for the debt) because no one will buy our debt - which will cause inflation in this country. And of course these 40 or so Working Families protesters who are fueling class warfare and showing up at people's private residences will get more coverage from Liberal newspapers and media! The media and Politicians looking for votes are making a big deal out of $165 million (now $218) in bonuses while the government is spending trillions!

Working Families are protesting AIG bonuses and executive pay. They wish they were making money like these executives, and they want their money. To the Working Families Party, wealth is unfair, unless it's theirs.

One report cites this:
Mary Huguley, of Hartford, said AIG executives should share their wealth with people like her sister, who is facing foreclosure.
That is the crux of the AIG protest and Working Families. Wealth Re-distribution.

What Working Families is trying to achieve is to pit the poor and middle class against the rich.
They are fueling hatred and resentment and envy.
This is a very dangerous thing.
Smart people won't buy into that.

What these people fail to comprehend is that these very same rich people pay the lion's share of taxes - they create jobs and they invest in this economy. They help charities and their communities. Rich people are not all evil or unethical - just as poor and middle class are not all evil and unethical. We cannot blame the mess of this economy solely on the CEO's and executives of big companies.

Clearly Congress has its share of millionaires and they are just as much to blame for the legislation and disastrous monetary policies that they have put into place that have wrecked our economy and stolen wealth from many middle class people. Why isn't Working Families Party doing bus tours of Chris Dodd's house? Fair question I think.

Do you want to know a secret? Working Families may sound like they are all against exploitation of the poor, but it looks to me like Working Families is exploiting the poor and middle class who envy the rich, in order to grow their own Socialist agenda in this country.

The Tea Party Movement has nothing to do with Class Warfare, rather it is a movement dedicated to preserving and restoring our Constitution which is the blueprint that our Government is supposed to adhere to. Legislators in Washington are ignoring what the Constitution says - they are eroding our rights. They have instituted and proposed policies that run counter to what our Founders laid down. The Tea Party Movement is about making our voices heard regarding sound monetary policy and the opposition that we hold regarding the institution of Socialism and wealth re-distribution in America. We must to stop the runaway spending that Congress is engaged in; spending that will bankrupt our country and put our children and their children into debt. Tea Party participants don't want the nationalization of banks and financial institutions that is going on. They don't want their tax dollars going to pay to keep failing businesses afloat. And if the taxpayer didn't give AIG or any other bank a bailout we would not be squabbling about those bonuses in the first place.

Thousands are turning out to Tea Party events because people are fed up with higher taxes and wasteful government spending, not because they hate and envy the rich and want to get a free ride by stealing from someone else's pocketbook.