Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cavuto Grayson Smackdown

Another Congressman who is willing to Give Turbo Tax Tim Geithner a blank check to determine what is excessive pay and what is not. That is not the Treasury's responsibility, and setting pay limits is not Congress's responsibility either. This is what happens when government gets intertwined with business.

Congressman Grayson and all his buddies in Congress supporting this legislation are really just passing the buck to the Treasury Department. Later on the Treasury can be the bad guys and blamed when the law is actually set behind the scenes by the Treasury Department. Another irresponsible Congressman.

Grayson really doesn't understand the Constitution at all. He doesn't understand his obligation as a Congressman. He deflects and obfuscates the argument with talk of paranoia and use of profanity instead.

Good job Cavuto!

I hope the good people of Florida boot this idiot Grayson out of office. (BTW - I'd say that if he were a Republican as well)