Monday, April 13, 2009

CT Tea Parties - April 15th

This Wednesday there will be Tea Parties state wide and nation wide to wake up our elected officials. We are telling them that raising taxes and spending without end will not get us out of our economic slump. We are not happy with Socialist proposals and we are certainly not happy with the way in which our US Constitution is being trampled.

Invite your friends and family to join these events for just a little bit of time to voice your support and protest.

Hartford: North Steps of the State Capitol 12 noon - 2 pm
contact: , or

New Haven: Long Wharf I-95 exit 46 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
winningathome(at)yahoo(dot)com , newhaventeaparty(at)gmail(dot)com

Greenwich: Town Hall on Field Post Rd. 3:00-5:00 pm

New Milford: New Milford Green 12 noon

Norwich: Marina Area near the Gazebo 3:00 pm- 6:00 pm

Shelton: Farmer's Market in downtown 12 noon
bring a tea bag and $1

Vernon: Town Green, 14 Park St. 12- 2 pm

By the way - contrary to what you will hear from Liberal and Socialist critics - this IS grass roots, and it is NOT being driven by entities such as FOX News or The National GOP.

The Modern Tea Party movement was started by Committees of Safety and Walter Reddy, and one was held on December 14, 2008, at Faneuil Hall in Boston to highlight freedom and liberty and sound money - Speakers were Edwin Vieira , John McManus, Katherine Albrecht, and Walter Reddy, to name a few. They are planning another great event in Lexington, MA, this Sunday. The origins of this type of movement could probably be found in the Campaign For Liberty and folks who are looking for the restoration of our republic.

After the December Faneuil Hall tea party event was held, we heard Rick Santelli on CNBC on the floor of the Chicago Exchange calling for a tea party in Chicago - and that is what touched a nerve in this country.

There is NO "right wing conspiracy" - people coming to these events are from all political leanings - they are Americans - and they are FED UP with bigger government and being treated like the government's ATM machine. They are fed up with high taxes and money going to bail out failed companies. They are FED UP with failed economic policies and they are demanding sound money and for the government and our elected officials to abide by our US Constitution. They are FED UP with the Federal Reserve and its shenanigans.

This April 15th - Tax Day - is just the beginning - there will be more protests coming - and a huge one is planned for July 4th

Tea Parties are already planned for Woodbury on April 25th and Clinton on May 9th and tea parties in Guilford, Branford, Cheshire as well as a ‘non-land’ event are being finalized.