Monday, April 27, 2009

End The Fed Rally - Saturday 04-25-09 - In NYC

Campaign For Liberty organized this "End the Fed" rally that began on 33 Liberty Street, in front of the Federal Reserve building and Chase Bank. The protest started in the morning and people peacefully marched around the building amidst several Federal Reserve police while New York City Police also looked on. The purpose of the rally was to call attention to HR1207 - Audit the Federal Reserve legislation currently being considered by Congress, and also calling for an End to the Federal Reserve which has provided this country with fiat money based on credit rather than sound money based on a tangible commodity such as gold, and has also precipitated the bubbles we have seen in this economy. They are the primary reason why we are in a financial mess. Read more here.

Later the rally participants spread out and handed out leaflets and other information to passersby while marching up Broadway to City Hall. The event later drew a crowd of about 300 people who stood to listen several speakers some of which were; Leaders of Campaign For Liberty, Becky Ackers, Murray Sabrin (NJ Rep Congressional candidate), Joseph DioGuardi (former NY Congresssman) and the Keynote was delivered by Peter Schiff of EuroPac.

Here are my photos from the event

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