Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lexington Rally - Upcoming Event

Lexington COS Event

Let's think back...

On April 19, 1775 “The Shot Heard Around the World” was fired on the Green in Lexington, Massachusetts.

On that day, a mere 60-70 of Lexington's Minutemen had assembled on the Green and faced 800 British troops. The British demanded they lay down their arms and disperse. When Capt. Parker told his men to disperse but not to lay down their arms, an incensed British officer fired his pistol at the Minutemen and the rest is history – America's History.

Over two centuries later, We the People, are facing vital challenges to the freedom on which our great country was founded. So on April 19, 2009, we will come together again to honor, respect and celebrate the courage these brave Americans demonstrated as they stood their ground in the face of brutal tyranny.


Anonymous said...

"Free" Rally?
Do people usually PAY to go to rallies?

Judy Aron said...

Yeah I didn't quite get that one either.

I figure they either meant to say Freedom Rally - or were looking to catch your attention. Lookslike they caught your attention.

Chris Cudnoski said...

Basic psychology: people like the word free, and the single word "Rally" wouldn't be effective from a marketing standpoint. You need 2 strong words that complement each other. This event is for the masses, after all.