Thursday, April 2, 2009

Maybe The Queen Would Have Liked A Royal Wii

The Obamas have done it again... boy they sure are not very good gift givers.
Perhaps their excuse is that they are on a budget... naah that's not true.

Whoever is in charge of gift giving at the White House should be fired.
The gifts have been inappropriate and plain boorish.

The Obamas gave the Queen of England an iPod with footage of her 2007 state visit to the U.S. (already downloaded). The Queen of course already has an iPod, and most likely she has tons of photos and video footage of her American visit as well. As an American I am embarrassed at such an idiotic gift for the Queen.

Meanwhile, the Obamas got the customary silver framed photograph of the Queen and her husband. I am glad Liz didn't go much out of her way in gift choice for Barry and Michelle. It is likely they will put the photo with the bust of Winston Churchill that they ousted from the Oval Office and gave it back to Britain.

When Gordon Brown visited Washington last month there was no hoopla of a welcome, and no joint press conference; instead there was an impromptu briefing given in the Oval Office. To top it off, after the Browns reportedly gave expensive, well-thought out gifts, they went home with a collection of DVDs (25 readily available "American classics") which were unplayable in Britain. (Well, I am sure if Gordon Brown really wanted to, he could have scraped up a player and a means to play them somehow). Oh yes, the Obamas also gave them a couple of models of Marine One for the Brown boys. I wonder if Obama sent someone out to the local Walmart or Target for those gifts.

And now Obama presents the Queen with an iPod?
What is wrong with these people?
Do these people not understand the concept of gift giving to heads of State?

Tell ya what I would have given the Queen: How about something more meaningful and uniquely American; something stately. How about handcrafted American furniture, or artwork from an American artist? But definitely not an iPod, and certainly not video footage of the Queen's visit to the US.

I guess we can officially call him "Boor-ack" Obama.

(P.S. - I hear the Obamas also gave the Queen a rare songbook signed by Richard Rodgers, of Rodgers and Hammerstein... which still doesn't quite cut it in my opinion.. and it's doubtful that it will become "One of her favorite things")