Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Tea Anyone?

This party has just started!

It's official - The Hartford Tea party is ON!

Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Hartford: 12:00pm-2:00pm, State Capitol,North Steps,Capitol Avenue
for more information email hartfordteaparty(at)

also on April 15, 2009,
New Haven: Long Wharf Drive 11:00am-2pm.
for flyers email: newhaventeaparty(at)

Norwich: Howard T. Brown Memorial Park 3pm-6pm.
for flyers email freenorwich(at)


Woodbury: Saturday, April 23th, Time and Place TBA

Clinton: Saturday, May 9th Time and Place TBA
Email: pfmdresources(at)

and don't forget:

We The People

We The People Continental Congress 2009
56 cities in 60 days!
And it is coming to Connecticut!
Bob Schulz will be speaking about the upcoming Continental Congress on April 28 at 7:00 pm at the Jewish Community Center, 360 Amity Road, in Woodbridge. We're also looking for two more delegates to the Congress.

Bob Schulz is traveling around the country to spread the word about redress of grievances. You can see his presentations live broadcast at
The objective is to return America to its founding principles, from which the vast majority of our elected officials in both parties and all branches of our government have greatly strayed, further and further in recent years. From We The People's perspective, our Republic is in grave danger, our Constitution hangs by a thread. How has this happened? The people we have put in office are a reflection of our own consciousness. We cannot right what has happened to our government without first re-awakening our own commitment to our Freedom Documents and understanding the role each of us plays in holding our government accountable for their actions.” Continental Congress 2009 Later this year delegates representing the People of the fifty states will convene as a national assembly to publicly debate our Government's abuses of the Constitution and to consider practical strategies which can bring about compliance with our Freedom documents, not only in our government at all levels, but in our individual lives. The Continental Congress 2009 will be an undertaking of historical importance as we follow the example of our Founding Fathers, to gather together and discuss the state of our Nation to restore the Light of Liberty. For more information read this.