Friday, April 24, 2009

Tax Rallies This Weekend - End The Fed And Woodbury Tea Party

End The Fed Rallies are happening at every Federal Reserve office across the nation tomorrow - (Here is a map and addresses and other contact info) Closer to CT one will be in Boston at 600 Atlantic Avenue and the other in New York City at the NYC Federal Reserve building at 33 Liberty Street. Rallies start in the morning and likely to go all day.

For April 25th NYC Rally:
11:00AM - Assemble at the New York Federal Reserve building (33 Liberty St.)
March up Broadway

2:00PM - Arrive at City Hall Park
Guest Speakers and Keynote by Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff will deliver the keynote address to the NYC Campaign for Liberty's "End The Fed" Rally at City Hall Park, Manhattan. For years, Peter Schiff has consistently warned that the policies of the Federal Reserve would drive this country toward a monumental collapse. He also warned that the Fed would respond to the crisis by doubling down on previous mistakes. That day has arrived, and people across the country are trying to stop it.

Much attention has been focused on recent Tax Day Tea Parties. Those events showcased pent up frustration with runaway government, but also revealed some political partisanship that has been exploited by pro-regime pundits. This "End The Fed" rally, however, has a clear and non-partisan goal: pass HR 1207. This bill, backed by more than 65 Congressman and introduced by Representative Ron Paul, would for the first time give Congress greater audit authority over the Federal Reserve and increase transparency at the central bank. Organizers of the rally believe that the more Americans understand about the Federal Reserve System, such as how its continual expansion of the money supply robs savers of their wealth, the more they will demand a return to real money.
The End the Fed group (a growing movement of citizens concerned with the country’s fiscal policies) will gather in over 39 cities nationwide at each Federal Reserve location demanding their Congress to pass H.R. 1207 - the Federal Reserve Transparency Act and H.R. 833 - Repeal the Federal Reserve Act. Nationwide rallies planned for Saturday, April 25th are a follow up to the first rallies held on November 22, 2008 at Federal Reserve Banks across the nation.
On the End the Fed website you can see what has happened since the "End The Fed" rallies began on November 22, 2008

There is legislation before Congress that would End the Fed by repealing the Federal Reserve Act and restoring the power to issue money to the People via their elected Congress.

Woodbury Tea Party

Sat, April 25, 2009 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Location: Woodbury, CT – the junction of routes 6 and 64, approximately 3 miles from Lake Quassapaug. Parking is available in many lots in the immediate vicinity. Wachovia Bank is across the street, up the street, less than a 1000 feet is a commercial condominium complex with adequate parking. There will be speakers, and tea party dollars for shopping at the local stores.

Then on April 27th - the End The Fed Rallies will be followed by an effort to Support HR1207 (audit the Fed) which has been dubbed "Melt the Switchboard" It's an effort for citizens to contact their representatives in Congress and Ask them to support HR1207Audit the Federal Reserve