Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This Should Encourage More People To Fly

One commenter of this YouTube video says this:
Mr.Bierfeldt was pulled aside for having $4700 in cash and checks. The TSA questioned Mr.Bierfeldt on where he worked, how he obtained his money, and what he was doing in St. Louis. Under no law was Mr. Bierfeldt required to answer any of those questions because it is not a crime to be in the possession of money. The point of this entire event deals with having to give up ones own liberties for the sake of false security.

I hope someone educates TSA officials in what the law says, and that they stop these ridiculous detainments which are nothing more than fishing expeditions and violations of people's rights.

Read more here from the Washington Times.

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Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

We had a sales meeting in North Carolina in January.

The other the New England employees flew down; I drove.

My time from door to hotel was 12 hours, theirs was 10.5 to 11.25 hours each thanks to TSA delays etc.

Our next meeting is in Nashville; that should take 15 hours and since I won't be putting up with a slew of rude jerks at the airport will be worth the trouble.