Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today is Tea Bag Day!

From Re-TeaParty:
Our founders have stopped rolling over in their graves. After months of tossing and turning, we have finally taken back the banner of hope that has been hijacked by the “do-good” saviors.

Statist sympathizers call us cynics; those who complain without answers of our own. They call us “selfish”, implying that funding failure is altruistic. While America was founded on those who do, they ask us to submit to those who can’t.


On December 16, 1773, the original Patriots put their lives on the line. With an envelope, a stamp, and a bag of tea, millions of Americans can send a peaceful message; our lives have value.

On April 1st, our establishment will know that our freedom to succeed can no longer be sacrificed at the risk of our future.

With sincerity and respect, we ask that you join us on April 1st, 2009, in sending the Oval Office a Tea Bag (or a photo copy/picture of one), in honor of the party in Boston on December 16, 1773, and in anticipation of its nationwide symbolic re-enactment in the summer of 2009.

Two first-class stamps should cover the weight of a typical tea bag. Some say it is better to send a picture to avoid it being tossed out by mail screeners as "questionable material".

President Obama's address is:

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Feel free to send one to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and your other Representatives!

Hopefully it will arrive on their desks by Tax Day - April 15.