Friday, April 3, 2009

Well At Least There Were No Knuckle Bumps

Barack Obama executes a deep bow to King Abdullah, leader of Saudi Arabia. (Some say he also kissed the King's hand)

As far as protocol, this is not expected nor did any other leader in the room feel a need to bow.

and while Obama bowed for the King of Saudi Arabia, there was a just slight nod and handshake for the Queen of England, and of course Michelle passed on any customary (but not required) curtsy.

I just found it interesting.

Didn't we fight a revolution in order not to bow down to anyone - especially a King?


Anonymous said...

Wondering if we need to coin a new phrase like Obamamania but just for Michelle Obama?

I'm listening to uber praise and over the top comments made by Europeans about Michelle Obama.

I find it all a bit over the top.

Judy Aron said...

No I think you mean to call the frenzy "Mobamamania"

Michelle Obama is known by some as Mobama..

Charles said...

A blogger pointed out that King Abdullah is the titular head of Mecca. Don't know what that necessarily means, just sayin....