Thursday, April 9, 2009

White House BS

Give me a break.
Does the White House honestly think Americans are that stupid?

They are claiming that Mr. Obama did not bow to the Saudi King Abdullah.
They are claiming he was compensating for a height differential.
Hah! That is a good one.
Look at the picture above - that's a freaking bow.
It wasn't even a nod, it was a knee bending bow.

How come he didn't "make up for a height differential" with a much shorter Queen Elizabeth? or any of the shorter Asian delegates to the G20?

Here is the definition of a bow from

bow - /baʊ/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [bou]
–verb (used without object)

1. to bend the knee or body or incline the head, as in reverence, submission, salutation, recognition, or acknowledgment.
2. to yield; submit: to bow to the inevitable.
3. to bend or curve downward; stoop: the pines bowed low.

Yeah, he bowed.
The Arab press seems to think so too.
Our president bowed to a Saudi King, and bowed to no other statesman at the G20.
It's been called a “shocking display of fealty to a foreign potentate

I personally think it was a disgrace, especially to our armed forces who take command from this President.

And the White House explanation for this rates more than a 10 on the BS meter.
Height differential my foot.


Charles said...

A poster on a message board I frequent said:

"We finally get a brother in the White House and he's STILL bowing to the white man."

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sorry. I must have missed your previous posts condemning these things:

Because I know you aren't just bashing President Obama at every opportunity your trainers provide. You must have spoken out about Bush and Cheney kissing/hugging/bowing to take awards from/and generally kowtowing to Saudi and other world leaders.

Would you be so kind as to direct me to your blog postings condemning Republican elected officials showing obeisance to foreign leaders?

Thank you.

Judy Aron said...

Anonymous - Oh that is really funny - Bush bows his head slightly to receive an award so they can place it around his neck and you compare that to Obama's deep knee bowing bend to the Saudi King? Hahaha. Good one. Did you read that comparison in the Huffington Post perhaps?

and Bush hugs or kisses a Saudi and that's compared to a deep knee bowing bend of Obama's? Not nearly as subservient as a bow I would say. By the way, they held hands too.

Bowing to sign the guest book at a Shinto shrine is hardly showing subservience to another human being.

Give it a rest.
Talk about ME having trainers... yours is straight out of the usual Bush bash playbook.

Anyone reading my blog regularly knows that I was not a fan of Bush's either - please do me a favor and read this:

Bush is not the president anymore nor is he the leader of the free world anymore. Obama unfortunately is, and he did without a doubt purposefully bow deeply to the Saudi King - and not out of some BS reason as "height differential".

There was no slight head nod - nor a similar deep bow to any other head of state by Obama and no other head of state bowed to the Saudi King except Obama. His subservient bow was a disgrace.

I would also add that Bush's policies, as they have diminished our Liberties, was also a disgrace.


As far as I am concerned, we traded in the old boss for a new old boss. No Hope or Change as of yet has been detected, other than being bankrupted faster by this new boss in a spending spree that will bring inflation like you have not seen before. Now go back to HuffPo and read some more propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell cares if he did bow? He's showing respect to a foreign leader. Typical Republican bullshit--trying to make something out of nothing.

Judy Aron said...

Hmmm.. Republican BS huh... I guess you don't care that the leader of the free world bows to a King. You obviously don't care or know that this is why we had a revolution; because people didn't feel it was right to bow or submit to anyone. Anonymous (ah, too bad you aren't bold enough to use your real name) - he wasn't merely "showing respect to a foreign leader" (otherwise he would have bowed to all of them) he was demonstrating an act of submission to the Saudi King. The Saudi king represents one of the most repressive and cruel governments on this planet. Sorry, but I wouldn't care if Obama was a Republican or Democrat - that is immaterial. I don't like the so-called leader of our country bowing to anyone. This is a gesture that you obviously do not completely understand.

I suppose accepting bowing to a King goes along with hiding behind anonymity too.