Friday, May 8, 2009

Air Force One Photos

Air Force One Buzzes Gov. Jodi Rell

Submit your photo shopped pictures to the NY Daily News
Memo to the White House: Not only was flying a Presidential jet for a photo-op ... over downtown Manhattan in bad taste – it was unnecessary.

Anyone in the White House ever hear of Photoshop?

You'd think the administration would've been tech-savvy enough to realize the merits of the computer software program – what with its constant Internet spin doctoring and the President's notorious BlackBerry infatuation.

The cost of flying one of Obama's official planes – a pimped-out Boeing 747 – along with an F-16 jet over the city cost upwards of $300,000 in taxpayer dollars.
Looks like someone got into lots of trouble over that one! (That is, of course if you believe the story that goes along with it)
A top White House aide resigned today for his role in Air Force One's $328,835 photo-op flyover above New York City that sparked panic and flashbacks to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. His resignation was made public at the same time the photo of the flyover was released by the White House.

Louis Caldera said the controversy had made it impossible for him to effectively lead the White House Military Office. "Moreover, it has become a distraction in the important work you are doing as president," Caldera said in his resignation letter to President Barack Obama.
The infamous photo taken by the F-16

As far as a photo-op - it's a so-so picture... just look at that glare in the upper right hand corner. I wonder what the others look like - I also wonder whose names are on Air Force One's manifest.


Cash Gifting Practice said...

It is unfortunate that he had to lose his job but anytime there is such a gross lack of judgement it is the only alternative.

It's nice to see him step up to the plate and take responsibility. This will help him as he transitions to another opportunity.


wmrourke said...

Judy, I don't think you realize how transparent you really are.

I've been thinking it's kind of a shame how you've gone round the bend. I never agreed with much of what you said here on your blog, but I used to think you were something of a voice of reason, and I read it looking for insight.

But as you get more paranoid and hysterical, you show your true colors and they're pretty scary. Reason has flown out the window as you hunt for anything you can find to demonize the Obama administration, and one wonders just what drives that. We get hints in your vocabulary, and honestly, it leaves you with very little credibility at all.

Anonymous said...

Judy regarding wmrourke dont you just love it when liberals whine.

Anonymous said...


Judy says she doesn't pay any attention to what "anonymous" posters say.

And what exactly was I "whining" about?

Judy Aron said...

wmrourke - Thanks for the comments - your use of a fake name also lends to your own credibility - so I guess we are even.

I just think it is wonderful how those who like to think they are so accepting of other people's opinions, and so open minded, are usually the people who spew condemnation the most.

You don't have to agree with me nor do I care if you do. I don't require your validation. Maybe that's what bothers you so much.

As for demonizing the Obama administration...they deserve it. he has a cabinet full of tax cheats and liars, and his, as well as his administration's, policies are destroying what's left of this country.

I hear this anti-war president is ramping up for more conflict - and he is spending much more than his predecessors - hope you like your "change" in Washington. Seems like the same old bunch of crap to me.

But hey, glad you approve of him and you trust him so much. Your kids and grand kids will no doubt appreciate it when they get his bill.

Get Real Judy said...


Obama was never "anti-war". He was anti-Iraq War, because, as he said in his famous speech in 2002, he's opposed to "dumb wars".

For anyone paying attention it's obvious that Obama is a somewhat hawkish pragmatist. He is clearly not interested in changing the paradigm of the US as a capitalist, neo-imperialist superpower. This notion that Obama is a "socialist" is laughable. His closest economic advisors are centrists from Harvard and the University of Chicago.

Obama ramped up deficit spending to forestall a depression. Again, for anyone paying attention it's obvious that the bailouts are controversial even among liberals, but it's a complicated issue deserving of more thoughtful analysis that you and your tea-party revolutionaries are willing to perform. The opposition has offerned NO credible alternative. Nothing. Crickets.

There is room for criticism of the Obama administration on such issues as warrantless wiretapping and due process for prisoners at Bagram. You would think that someone as ostentatiously concerned with civil liberties as yourself would address such issues instead of making embarassing allegations about Obama's birth certificate and serving as a propaganda mouthpiece for some of the most reactionary elements in politics.

You are mistaken that your opponents here object to a difference of opinion. Think about it, Judy. That's not it.

wmrourke said...

Judy Judy Judy,

Accepting people's opinions doesn't mean agreeing with them. That's what the Right just doesn't get.

I don't expect you to agree with me; I don't care if you do. I believe that differences of opinion, the RIGHT to differences of opinion, and the duty to duty to argue those differences are what makes this country great. As I said in the comments above, I began reading your blog because you used to write very well and clearly about things I disagreed with. You were passionate about your beliefs, but you were thoughtful and open. That's not the case anymore. Your hatred of the President has caused you to become shrill and intemperate, and ally yourself with the fringe. You can claim it's about policies and people within the administration, but you never attacked the previous administration with so much zeal -- and it is the previous administration that, for example, brought us the Patriot Act. Not this one. I've got my ideas about what you really hate about Obama and we'll leave it at that.

So hey, you're free to go off the deep end. But know that you've lost a lot of credibility and any honest ideas you might have are going to be overlooked because of it. Lots of people are going to be very happy about that. Me, I'm sorry there will be less opportunity for sane dialog.

Judy Aron said...

Get Real -
"Obama was never "anti-war". He was anti-Iraq War"

Oh yes -let's hide behind semantics shall we? He ran on an anti-war platform - if you want to split hairs about where he wanted to "end the war" go right ahead - - He wooed his anti-war supporters by talking about bringing the troops home (I agreed with him on that score too!) and ending the war. I am sure his "wars" will be now be justified in the eyes of the Left, whereas of course George Bush's wasn't. Obama is not merely a "hawkish pragmatist", he speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

The "notion" that Obama is a "socialist" is not just a notion - and that is obvious if you look at the share the wealth policies that he is in the process of implementing along with the class warfare he is fomenting.

Obama did not ramp up deficit spending to forestall a depression, his stimulus package was nothing more than pork spending unleashed on all the projects that the previous administration stalled. The bailouts essentially funded the unions in the auto industry and all the banking institutions that contributed to his campaign. The taxpayer got squat! Even with the bailouts these companies are still in dire straits.

On the contrary - the opposition has offered credible alternatives - it's called letting the market make its correction and stopping government from proceeding with its central planning policies, central planning policies which we have seen from history do not work.

As for the rest of your criticism... show me the documents and talk to me later. What is an embarrassment is not my (or anyone else) but that we have a president that refuses to answer them.

I am a mouthpiece for myself. And who exactly are YOU a mouthpiece for .. now let me guess.

Judy Aron said...

"wmrourke" - You don't have to accept or agree with my opinions Right or Left, and I don't have to accept or agree with yours. What the Left lacks ls any modicum of respect for differences of opinion as well as exhibiting an ounce of the tolerance that they preach. They can't go a minute without bad mouthing someone or labeling them as some sort of lunatic. That is truly unfortunate.

Your opinion of how and what I write is immaterial to me. You really don't have to read what I write if you are so opposed to what I have to say. I have to wonder who has become less thoughtful and open here. As far as I can see, none of my opinions have changed much. And FWIW my readership has grown. Maybe it's because I am not afraid to say what people are really thinking.

Me, shrill? and intemperate? LOL - oh I like that - not bad for a DHS right wing extremist. LOL Ally myself with the fringe? Gee, didn't the Founders do something similar? I wonder if they were also called shrill and intemperate? Not that I put myself in their league in any stretch of the imagination. They just went against the sheep in their time too.

Hatred of the President? Why stop there? His whole administration is a disgrace and a lie. For your satisfaction, Bush was no better. You see, I have come to see they are in fact the same. The Dempublicans, aka Republicrats; same church, different pew. Both have their own versions of tyranny.

I didn't attack the previous administration with so much zeal? but I must correct you - I have several posts about Bush and his policies... and his executive orders etc. So please don't play that card - it's complete nonsense.

Yeah - I'll clarify your "thoughts" - Let me tell you about why I can't stand Obama - he's a liar. Pure and simple. He couldn't go a day without a teleprompter to tell him what to say. He is the most transparent puppet we have ever seen to date, and the only change he has brought to Washington is well...NONE.

As for my credibility...I am really not as worried about it as you seem to be. I think you are the one with the problem. But thanks for caring.

Wrong Again Judy said...

We have had this argument before, and I see you refuse to face facts. Have you even read Obama's Iraq War speech?

"Good afternoon. Let me begin by saying that although this has been billed as an anti-war rally, I STAND BEFORE YOU AS SOMEONE WHO IS NOT OPPOSED TO WAR IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.



Obama campaigned on withdrawal from Iraq and taking the fight to Afghanistan. That is exactly what he is doing.

You said:

"I am sure his 'wars' will be now be justified in the eyes of the Left, whereas of course George Bush's wasn't."

Neither war is "his war", and if you ever ventured past your echo chamber you would know there is disagreement on the left about Iraq and Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan has always had popular support; George Bush's Iraq adventure is now considered unjustified by a majority of Americans. After all, it was a total disaster.

You said:

"On the contrary - the opposition has offered credible alternatives - it's called letting the market make its correction and stopping government from proceeding with its central planning policies, central planning policies which we have seen from history do not work."

Hilarious. Yes, let's let the market make its correction! That worked out so swimmingly the last time. Maybe Judy can explain to the class why letting Lehman Brothers fail was such a brilliant idea.

Face it, Judy. The market collapsed. The federal government is all you've got for now.

Judy Aron said...

Wrong...Right..Right...Wrong... that's just how you see the world.
I don't agree with you - so get over it.

I am not interested in Obama's speech - because he lies anyway - what good is what he says? Taking the fight to Afghanistan .. for what? To get more Americans killed? It's nonsense. Same dumb war different country; only now it's "Obama's War" so it's ok with you. Let's escalate in Pakistan while we are at it. Good grief.

Yeah, I agree the war in Iraq was done stupidly, you have no argument with me there. But then again - how many Democrats supported it? (Right that was before they voted against it ..LOL)

Oh whoopee - the Left is in disagreement over "Obama's War" - big deal - they too are finding out how their anti-war (dumb or otherwise) candidate lied to them.

As to Lehman brothers - they are in bankruptcy court where they belong. Someone other than taxpayers will buy them out. That's how it's supposed to happen when you run your business into the ground. That's what bankruptcy court is supposed to do restructure the company or liquidate it. Companies go out of business and get sliced up and bought out every day. So what.

I suppose you'd like to still throw good money after bad - and after all the tax money (and money we are printing out of thin air) we poured into failing companies and now they want more. That is absolute insanity. Your grand kids will be paying for this mess of garbage. Explain it to them.

Yes I know the market collapsed - and it ain't finished collapsing. We have several bubbles still waiting to burst. or perhaps you think Obama's magic wand and printing presses will make it all disappear. Good luck with that.

Face it - The Federal Government is broke - what now? China won't be buying our debt forever. I think you need to look beyond your own echo chambers.

But keep repeating Obama and his administration can do no wrong...Obama and his administration can do no wrong...Obama and his administration can do no wrong...

Good sheep.

Not Impressed said...

Shabby, Judy. Can't a person get a worthy adversary in this joint?

For starters, I have never told you my position on the war in Afghanistan, yet you feel free to fling baseless accusations like "only now it's 'Obama's War' so it's ok with you." For shame.

You think Obama wants to to take the fight to Afghanistan to get more Americans killed? Really? Why would Obama want to get Americans killed for the hell of it, Judy? You made that assertion, so back it up.

You continue to repeat the untruth that Obama "lied" about his intentions in Afghanistan during the campaign. I have pointed out this error to you numerous times and challenged you to listen to Obama's cmpaign speeches on the internet to prove how consistent Obama has been on this issue. So in fact, it is you who is lying.

"Same dumb war"? Really? Um, no, they are two different wars entirely. You are always advising people to "read history". Maybe you should try it yourself.

It's obvious you have no idea what you're talking about with regard to Lehman Brothers. The failure of Lehman Brothers sent the finance industry into a death spiral. I read all about it in that socialist rag The Wall Street Journal.

wmrourke said...

"Yes I know the market collapsed - and it ain't finished collapsing. We have several bubbles still waiting to burst.
The Federal Government is broke - what now?"

Okay Judy, it's your floor:

Which bubbles -- exactly -- are waiting to burst?

What -- exactly -- will be the result of each of those bubbles bursting?

What -- exactly -- do you advocate be done in each case?

What -- exactly -- can we expect will be the result if YOUR prescription is taken in each instance?

Judy Aron said...

Oh great comeback - call me a liar.
Sorry, not feeding the trolls today. Wouldn't matter what I responded anyway since I am a liar. LOL

Not Hungry said...

Judy always says "she can't be bothered to feed the trolls" when she's got no answer.

To be fair, she expanded on the bubbles issue. Still. Epic dodge.

Ben Diamond said...

Epic troll.
I am with the blog owner on this one.

wmrourke said...

She expanded on the bubbles (which everyone already knows exist), but she didn't offer any answers about what should be done about them and why.

Then she decides that being asked questions is being called a liar and trolling.

I suppose if one has no answers one might feel that way.

Brad said...

wmrourke you apparently didn't know the bubbles existed, and I quote
"Which bubbles -- exactly -- are waiting to burst?"

She answered your questions - what exactly is your problem? reading and comprehension perhaps?

Anonymous said...


Did you, like Judy, miss the rest of the questions?