Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is Osama Bin Laden Dead?

The Pakistani President, Asif Ali Zardari, says he thinks Bin Laden is dead.

That goes along with this David Frost interview of Benazir Bhutto (Asif Ali Zardari's wife) before she was assassinated (well, she hit her head and died during a bomb blast/assassination attempt).

David Frost did not challenge her on her assertion (2:14) that Bin Laden was murdered.

Oh, but of course these leaders must have "mis-spoke".
Surely, there are photos and videos of Osama Bin Laden that will surface at a well timed moment, yet again.


Where's Osama bin Laden? said...

Who said these leaders "mis-spoke"?

Judy Aron said...

I have seen articles which claim that Benazir Bhutto mis-spoke about Bin Laden in this interview. I am not saying she did or didn't. Nor did I say that her husband did or didn't. But usually when leaders say something and then want to cover up something they said, or someone tries to cover up for them, the spin comes back that they "mis-spoke". It's typical back pedaling. We have all seen it's use.

Here are some examples:

And of course VP Biden always mis-spoke about something or another.

Where's Osama bin Laden? said...


Right you are. I know that the "misspoke" canard is a commonplace.

I found some interesting speculation about Bhutto's remark:

Anyway, it's entirely possible bin Laden is dead. If that's the case it's too bad the US didn't get a hold of him.