Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Predictive Guilt And Your Government

Now, I am not a fan of Maddow - but she sure got this one right.
Sad thing is that she most likely voted for Obama's Hope and Change.
But now look what we will be dealing with.
"Minority Report-esque" tactics by our government now defined as indefinite detention on the basis of "preventive incarceration"
It's downright frightening.
I believe Russia's Gulags were built on that concept.

Predictive Guilt - This is nothing new - The Department of Children and Families in CT has been practicing this for years as they have taken children away from parents for what they "might do". Past behavior has been used in the courts already to condemn people for things that they haven't yet done.

I am not surprised that Obama and his administration are further trampling people's rights in this manner using "Predictive Guilt", and he even has the audacity to support and speak this concept in front of our founding documents!

This opens up the gates for government to jail anyone - anyone - who may speak out against this government. Perhaps they will hear something over your wire-tapped phone that they don't like you saying? or see something on your Facebook page that they don't like you posting. Will they be coming after you? Hold you indefinitely for crimes you "might" commit?

You do recall the MIAC report? So now for all of you "right wing extremists" - just in case you are considering something, like protesting abortion, or have certain bumperstickers on your car, buy ammo, or attend a tea party or two, you could very well be a candidate for indefinite detention on the basis of "preventive incarceration". And for you left wingers out there who are against Obama's extension of the war and various broken campaign promises, perhaps you might think twice about criticizing your new leader now as you awaken from the trance you've been in. His administration might not like what you have to say either.

Oh, right, I am just paranoid.

Sorry folks - but this is just plain wrong and very very bad news for America. So why aren't you out protesting in the streets over this sort of thing?

Obama's Hope and Change.
How's that working out for you America?

"This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector." - Plato

"The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist." - Winston Churchill (Maybe this was why Obama removed Churchill's bust from the White House!)