Monday, May 11, 2009

States Rights - Tenth Amendment

It appears that States are tired of being bullied, coerced, extorted, and otherwise dictated to by the Federal Government. The Federal Government has long used the power of the purse to get states to implement policies like No Child Left Behind and other legislation. Now, States have had it with being told how to use stimulus money, and how to ostensibly run their affairs. They are making resolutions regarding their individual State's Rights under the Tenth Amendment. Here are some State's initiatives here and here.

These excerpts ares from M.J. “Manny” Steele, South Dakota Representative (Dist. 12)
I am proud to announce that South Dakota was the first state to accomplish bicameral passage of its resolution, HCR1013, to affirm our state’s rights.

Joining me today to announce the successful passage this year of their respective states’ rights resolutions are ... the following states:

* Alaska (HJR27) Passed House and Senate

* Georgia (SR632) Passed Senate

* Idaho (HJM004) Passed House and Senate

* Missouri (HCR13) Passed House

* North Dakota (HCR3063) Passed House and Senate

* Oklahoma (HJR1003) Passed House and Senate

* South Carolina (H3509) Passed House; Currently in Senate Committee

* South Dakota (HCR1013) Passed House and Senate

Texas - HCR50 passed committee April 23, 2009. Sponsoring Representative Brandon Creighton expects the House to pass the resolution very shortly.

Arizona’s HCR2024 passed committee on April 14, and per Sponsoring Representative Judy Burges, it is expected to pass the House.

The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution expressly reserves all powers to the states which are not delegated to the federal government. Over the course of decades, there have been increasing federal mandates and acts designed to effectively step in and legislate the affairs of our various states from Washington D.C.

Federal usurpation into state affairs severely limits the ability of state governments to operate according to their citizens’ wishes. We believe that the best government is one which governs closer to the people.

As of this announcement, legislatures in nine states’ have acted on bi-partisan support and have passed their respective resolutions to affirm states’ rights. These are: Alaska (HJR27), Georgia (SR632), Idaho (HJM4), Indiana (SR42), Missouri (HCR13), North Dakota (HCR3063), Oklahoma (HJR1003), South Carolina (H3509) and South Dakota (HCR1013).

It appears that there are 25 more states which presently have similar resolutions pending.

The current price of erosion of states’ rights exceeds $11 trillion. Without the countless attempts in Washington to duplicate and micromanage our states’ affairs, much of this debt could have been avoided.
So what exactly are State's objecting to? (this list attributed to Dale Caruso)
- Unfunded Mandates
- Excessive taxation without adequate representation
- Frivolous spending of our tax money while our problems can’t be adequately addressed due to a lack of funds
- Faltering economic system
- Placed our monetary system into the hands of a private bank who devalued our currency and manipulated our economy at will
- Pilfering and failure of the worst Ponzi scheme in history (Social Security)
- Erosion of the separation of powers
- Repeated and willful violations of the 1st Amendment
- Repeated and willful violations of the 2nd Amendment
- Repeated and willful violations of the 4th Amendment
- Repeated and willful violations of the 5th Amendment
- Repeated and willful violations of the 9th Amendment
- Repeated and willful violations of the 10th Amendment
- Forcing our system of education to become a tool of social engineering
- Leaving our border less secure than at any time since our independence from Mexico
- Sending our sons and daughters to war without a declaration of war from Congress as is required
- Taking our tax money and failing to provide the services promised
- Unlawfully restricted trade in areas where trade needs to be expanded and shoved free trade down our throats at the cost of jobs and to the detriment of our economy
- Failed to respond to all petitions for a redress or these grievances
- Sought to redefine the Constitution to suit it’s own ends
- Failed to render sufficient aid in disregard to the Preamble’s call to promote the general welfare
- Instituted an impossibly massive bureaucratic system with more laws and officers than allowed by the Constitution and good sense to do nothing more than control us and “eat out our substance”
- Overtly attempted to subvert legitimate protest and dissent
- Taken our money and given it to foreign countries with the effect of inciting hatred against us
- Expanded their imagined jurisdiction over us through creative interpretations of the “interstate commerce” clause in the Constitution

And for all who would say this is some sort of Republican Anti-Obama movement: both Republicans and Democrats have sponsored and co-sponsored State's Rights/Sovereignty resolutions - and they are bubbling up in both Red and Blue states (ex: Texas, Tennessee, Michigan, Washington, and Oregon)

Sounds almost like the list of grievances handed to King George III back in the 1700's.