Monday, June 15, 2009

Illegal Aliens Bankrupting Our Hospitals - Also A Word About Socialized Healthcare

This is just incredible.
This testimony underscores the immorality of our government forcing us into socialized medicine.

Regardless of whether hospitals or our government gives illegal aliens "free" healthcare, we are all still paying for it. Universal or government managed healthcare will not make those costs go away. We simply cannot afford this incredible expense and drain on our healthcare system. Universal healthcare/Socialized medicine will not solve this problem, and it is not government's responsibility to provide healthcare for everyone either.

The fact is that our elected representatives in Congress and in the current (and past) administration apparently do not believe that being here illegally is a crime. IT IS!

Ask your legislator.... Why isn't our government treating illegal immigration as a crime?

Hospitals are going bankrupt and this will leave little choice of healthcare for legal citizens of this country. Universal healthcare/Socialized medicine will not fix this problem...border control will.

If we aren't sending people home who are here illegally, then we ought to be billing their country of origin for their healthcare, their education, their housing and even their incarceration.

And overall - with regard to Reforming healthcare:


Anonymous said...

The Healthcare problem goes far beyond a few illegal aliens. It has more to do with the "For Profit" makeup of the system. Unnecessary tests and procedures, and lack of access to preventative healthcare makes for very expensive emergency room visits.

Look for the huge profit based lobbies, the AMA, Big Pharma and the insurance lobby to fight healthcare reform vigorously.

They have so much profit to lose.

We are low on the list of countries with decent healthcare.

You're deluding yourself if you think this is about illegal aliens.

Eric Holcombe said...


Just wondering - since we are "low on the list of countries with decent healthcare", what other country can I go to as an illegal alien and rack up $2M worth of expenses over a couple of years with no cost to me?

Who do you think pays that $2M bill when I don't?