Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In The UK Little Brother Will Be Watching You : Informants In Training

UK's Daily Mail reports on efforts to teach primary school children how to be little informants.

The Lancashire Police launched a project which includes DVDs to teach primary school pupils how to spot terrorists as part of a "strategy to tackle extremism."

This DVD features animated animals in a bid to teach young children about the dangers of fundamentalism in an ‘accessible way’. It's part of their Preventing Violent Extremism unit.
"The video features a talking lion, who explains that a terrorist can look like anyone, and urges children to tell the police, their parents or a teacher if they hear anyone talking about terror related activity.

Children will be encouraged to inform on their classmates if they feel other pupils are expressing extremist views.

It also uses the example of Guy Fawkes saying that his strong views began forming when he was at school in York.

Youngsters at Belmont Primary School in Bolton will be shown the video at the annual Streetwise open day later this month in nearby Blackburn.

Streetwise has taught children about issues such as fire, water hazards and home safety for 16 years, but this month’s event will be the first to feature terrorism."

Parents beware if you talk against the government in any way!

Now, what was that criticism about homeschooling again?

Children's Toy
Playmobil Airport Security Checkpoint

Teach them young!

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