Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inflation At The Grocery Store

If you've been to the grocery store you will also already begin to notice some inflation. You may be paying the same for a box of cereal but chances are you are getting less cereal. The packaging is deceiving. It's a downsizing gimmick. People have been noticing this happening even as early as last year (Consumerist reported on it in several instances - and they call it the "Grocery Shrink Ray")

Same size packages with less content or smaller packages in general represents monetary inflation. The company, food or otherwise, may be charging you the same because they know you know what you normally pay for an item and that you'll think twice if the price goes higher... so they use a gimmick of playing with the amount that they sell you. I just bought a package of cupcake cup liners for 99 cents. It only had 36 cupcake cup liners in it! The last one I bought had twice as many for the same price! Check it out when you go to the store next time. Compare it to something you've had in the house for awhile. I think you'll be surprised.

Usually, they will say they have improved packaging and of course while they were improving the container, they were making it contain less. They might even claim the product is more concentrated. So while you may be paying the same you are getting less dryer sheets, or less dish detergent. That's inflation. Your grocery dollar is buying less stuff.

So have you also been noticing that your grocery bill is a tad higher these past few months?


acceptancewithjoy said...

I just realized this today with my coffee pods. There used to be 18 in a package. The price hasn't gone up, but there are only 16 now.

Anonymous said...

Tis was a while back but Cheerios went from a 20 oz box to 18 oz and the prices all went up at every store.

Michelle said...

Yeah, I've noticed. My hubby works for a dairy processing plant. The cost of doing business for everybody is skyrocketing. Fuel cost is a huge culprit, ever more govt regulation (the new food reg bill will make it worse), and of course the expanding power of unions. All blamable directly on poor government.

Wendy said...

I've never purchased grocery items by "price." What I look at is the cost per volume, and so I've noticed the price increases and smaller sizes for a long time. It's really disheartening when trying to regulate my grocery bill.